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Surveillance Cameras Sprouting Up All Over Central Texas

KXAN TV | May 5, 2005

Watch yourself in public places in Central Texas. New electronic eyes are popping up in spots you haven't even considered.

The government has them. Restaurants and shops have them too.

Surveillance cameras are going up everywhere often without your knowledge.

The government is making sure, soon you won't be able to get away with anything especially on Central Texas streets.

You can find them almost anywhere in alarm clocks, pagers, smoke detectors, motion detectors, ceilings and doorways. Little eyes watching you.

"We were able to see you drive up in the front parking lot. Actually approach the front door and come into the office today," Matt Vickers with Dyezz Surveillance said.

Vickers installs cameras all over Austin. Many of which you'd never have a chance to notice.

"The camera's designed to catch anyone coming into our business. So, that's literally a pinhole camera? All it looks like is a tiny hole in the ceiling that nobody would notice," Vickers said.

It's not just in front of private businesses where you could be watched. Even if you're just walking down the street, chances are someone's looking at you.

A government agency has even requested revolving cameras for downtown buildings to monitor foot traffic and traffic violations.

"The city of Austin will start using cameras to be able to see if people pay their tolls on the new toll roads," Vickers said.

Bars, shops, restaurants, college campuses -- they're intended to protect, but in order to do that, they must see everything.

"If you're doing something that you shouldn't be doing in a public place, you might think twice," Vickers said.

With the Internet, you can check in on the camera's view from anywhere in the world.

"We got to the room, plugged in the laptop and boom, I could see inside the shop, and I actually caught my employee sleeping," Alex Navarro with Discount Furniture said.

"The one advantage that the camera has is that it's always on and it always has its eyes open," Vickers said.

Public buses also have security cameras inside.

In many cities, police are putting them up in high crime areas.

Some good advice per Dyezz Surveillance, if you're ever in a car accident, quickly take a look around first to see what cameras might have caught it on tape.

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