Maria Shriver: Schwarzenegger Won't Be President
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Maria Shriver: Schwarzenegger Won't Be President

Reuters | November 30, 2004

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife, Maria Shriver, says America may someday amend the U.S. Constitution and elect a foreign-born president -- but it won't be her husband.

"Forget about it. It is not going to happen. The process takes years, and this is as far as it goes," Shriver, the niece of former President John F. Kennedy, told Vanity Fair magazine amid talk of amending the Constitution to allow the Austrian-born film star to run for president.

Shriver also said that despite their political differences -- she is a Democrat, he a Republican -- their marriage was strong and passionate.

"(We're) still engaged with each other, hot for each other, into each other," she said. "There hasn't been a moment when I have been bored. I have worked and worked on my marriage, and it has paid off."

Shriver admitted that stories before Schwarzenegger's election as governor in 2003 about his womanizing were "flat-out tough, painful, no doubt about it."

When interviewer Marie Brenner asked whether a part of her wondered if the stories could be true, Shriver said: "You have to know the person in front of you. You have to be able to separate what your reality is, what other people's perceptions are. .... You have to go on with your life."

Asked how she coped, Shriver said, "I fight. ... You have to struggle in every aspect of your life."

A member of America's most famous political family, the Kennedys, Shriver said that in marrying Schwarzenegger she needed to defy expectations and was glad she did.

"Everyone assumed that I was supposed to marry someone like a John Kerry, some preppy that had gone to Harvard or Yale," she said. "I didn't want to marry those boys. I did not like them. I had been around them my whole life. I interrupted the story line. I wanted out of that suffocation. I wanted someone different. I married my authentic self."

Schwarzenegger told Vanity Fair he understood his wife's need to break away, calling the Shriver family "the clones."

"Everyone in the family thinks exactly the same," he said. "If her mother says it is green, it is green. If her father says it is black, it is black. When you are in the family, you think this is normal, and then you meet someone from the outside and the lights go on. Here was a guy who was free.... If he wants to be a Republican, he is a Republican. If he wants to be a movie star, he is a movie star."

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911:  The Road to Tyranny