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Individual Ownership of Guns Under Attack in America and Abroad

Infowars.com| June 10, 2005

Alex took these photos of an anti-gun billboard on a recent trip to Galveston, Texas. Through these billboards, the propagandists are creating the false impression that guns are illegal.

Weak-minded individuals see these billboards (that have been seen everywhere across the country in the last five years), think guns are illegal, and call the police if they see you with a revolver.

Almost all Hollywood and TV cop shows are based in NY, Boston or Chicago where the citizens have been disarmed.

The actors in these shows arrest some innocent person almost every episode for just having a gun in their house or their car. Then, weak-minded people watch this and think that guns are illegal in the rest of the country and call the police on you when they see you have a rifle in your gun rack. Advertising executives say that perception is reality. They are creating the perception that guns are illegal.

This is a global phenomenon - just this morning we received the following
email from Finland.

Hello Alex and Violet,

YLE 24 (pronounced 'why-le') has today on their video news a segment on an
amnesty program for Finns to turn in illegal weapons and guns or to
register. So sad for me being of Finnish heritage to see they have fallen
for gun control.


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