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Today on The Alex Jones Show:

Professor Michel Chossudovsky
Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa (Canada), Editor of Global Outlook Magazine and Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, of which the website is

Professor Chossudovsky will discuss his article: Political Deception: The Missing Link behind 9-11 and his book soon to be published, titled War and Globalization: The Truth Behind September 11


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Police State

Remember, Cheney Said That All of These Police State Measures Were for Foreigners Only: Court Denies Lawyer Access to Man in Brig
A federal public defender's attempt to gain access to an American-born man captured in Afghanistan and being held in a Navy brig failed yesterday when a federal appeals court ruled that the lawyer had no standing to enter the case.

Bush Presses Argument That ''Enemy Combatants'' Should Not Have Access to a Lawyer
In an unusual telephone conference call with three appellate judges, Deputy Solicitor General Paul Clement reiterated the administration's assertion that the president alone has the power to make a determination - not subject to judicial review - that someone is an enemy combatant and that such people should not have access to lawyers.

Flashback: Torture
In This Story They Admit They're Torturing People and Terrorizing Their Families

Leahy Says Bush Seeks Department 'Above the Law'
US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy charged on Wednesday that the Bush administration was effectively asking Congress to put its proposed department to combat terrorism "above the law."

FBI targets protest groups
Translation of the new attitude: Forget about concerns of privacy, and go run roughshod over civil rights and civil liberties of American citizens.

12-year-old must appear in court for overdue book
A 12-year-old girl must appear in court for failing to return one of four books she checked out for a research project on dolphins.

Probe of FBI Shooting of Unarmed Man Begins
Braga mistook Schultz for a bank robbery suspect the agent and his unit were searching for that day and shot him in the face with an M-4 rifle

Family of Woman Killed by Her Ex-boyfriend after He Escaped from a Mental Health Facility and Retrieved His Gun from Authorities Suing Sheriff's Office
The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office returned his gun, after checking that he was not a felon and had no criminal charges pending.

This Is It, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Total Gestapo Takeover by the Federal Government. Federalization of Local Police, Military Rule over the US...Caesar Is Brining His Legions into Rome
The Department of Homeland Security -- PDF File

The Department of Homeland Security Website

A BILL to establish a Department of Homeland Security, and for other purposes.

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
Click Here for the Rest of the Story
New World Order

G8 focuses on Russian plutonium
Leaders of the main industrialised nations at the G8 summit in Canada are working on a $20bn plan to dismantle Russia's stocks of weapons-grade plutonium, as part of efforts to deny militants access to nuclear weapons.

Big Theater: Bush & Blair's Public Spat over Arafat
Tony Blair had his first public row with George Bush yesterday after the prime minister stuck to his guns at the G8 summit in Canada and refused to back the president's call for the removal of Yasser Arafat as the Palestinian leader.

Poor must get more debt relief, says Blair
Tony Blair called last night for G8 countries to boost the fund available for the world's poorest countries

UN International Criminal Court Opens in the Hague
The International Criminal Court has arrived more quickly than its opponents feared and its supporters dared hope.

UN urged to oppose US immunity in the International Criminal Court
A coalition of groups supporting the new International Criminal Court (ICC) has urged the United Nations Security Council to reject American demands to exempt US peacekeepers from its jurisdiction.

America: Europe's tax collector?
If European politicians refuse to cut taxes and reduce bloated welfare states, how can they overcome America's economic lead? The answer, unfortunately, is that they want to undermine U.S. tax policy so the U.S. economy will grow slower.

US News

Pledge of Allegiance Declared Unconstitutional
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a 1954 act of Congress inserting the phrase "under God" after the words "one nation" in the pledge. The court said the phrase violates the so-called Establishment Clause in the Constitution that requires a separation of church and state.

....but Drug Testing of Students is Constitutional....
A divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday that public middle and high schools can require drug tests for students in extracurricular activities such as choir or band without violating their privacy rights.

Don't You Remember, Rehnquist Said the Constitution Doesn't Matter Anyhow? That in Time of War, Laws "Are Silent" and That He'll Side with the Govt. The Pledge Thing Is a Distraction
"One is reminded of the Latin maxim inter arma silent leges. In time of war, the laws are silent," Rehnquist said in a speech to federal judges meeting in Williamsburg, Va.

US does smallpox experiments
Historically, smallpox killed millions of people and left millions more scarred or blind. But by 1980, the World Health Organization had eradicated it.

CT: High School Drops Liberal Class with Gun Grab, Environmentalist Curriculum
The class' 10-page curriculum explores contemporary issues such as the environment, civil rights, medicine and individual privacy. Issues addressed include assisted suicide, homosexuality, abortion, gun control and reproductive technologies.

Did Politics Put a Match to West's Wild Lands?
Officials, Groups Trade Charges Over Fire Policy

Dollar Sinks on WorldCom Shock as Euro Eyes Parity
Whacked by the stunning revelation that WorldCom Inc. (NasdaqNM: WCOM - News) had overstated its profits over the past five quarters by up to $4 billion, the dollar was sharply weaker across the board Wednesday

Scientist theorized anthrax mail attack
FBI searched apartment of expert linked to study

Researcher Whose House Was Searched Linked To Anthrax Study
A biodefense researcher whose home was searched by FBI agents commissioned a 1999 study depicting a hypothetical anthrax attack by mail

National Security and the Military

Congress puts its trust in a yellow bag
The man responsible for safeguarding the heart of American democracy against terrorists stood outside Congress yesterday with a yellow bag over his head, which he promised could provide at least two minutes' protection against chemical or biological attack.

Chinese jet fighters fly near U.S. spy plane
Two Chinese jet fighters came within 150 feet of a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft near China in the first close encounter since a collision last year between an EP-3 and a Chinese jet

Resolution Passes to Arm the National Guard Troops Protecting Nuclear Plants
What a novel idea!

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

Cyber-Attacks by Al Qaeda Feared
Terrorists at Threshold of Using Internet as Tool of Bloodshed, Experts Say --Hmmm...Wonder If They'll Try and Use This as an Excuse for More Control of the Internet.....hmmm....

Jordanian 'terror link' man detained
A Jordanian national suspected of being a former roommate of some of the 11 September hijackers has been arrested in the United States.

Scotland Yard Admits London 'an al-Qaida intelligence centre'
Scotland Yard admitted yesterday it had "growing, darkening" concerns over the unwitting part the UK played in the development of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terrorist network

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World News

Top French Court Rules Fetus Not Living Person
France's highest court ruled Tuesday an unborn fetus does not have the legal status of a living person, overturning a bid by a woman to sue doctors for the death of her child during labor.

UK Freemasons Try to Dispel "Myths" of Their Secret Society
Freemasons are holding a week-long series of events in an effort to throw off their image as a secret society

UK: Taxpayers' bill for royals soars
Taxpayers' contributions to the monarchy rose by a quarter last year

UK: Police pursuit deaths rise
The number of people killed during high-speed police chases has more than tripled in the past four years

UK: Pupils' contraceptive plan prompts fury
Free condoms and contraceptive Pills will be handed out to pupils in secondary schools under plans announced on Thursday by the Department of Health.

There's Nothing Like Multiculturalism.
We Need to Teach This In Our Schools
Take Jesus Out...Put the Rats in...
To Learn More about the Police State and How to Fight It, Check Out Alex Jones' Police State Documentaries
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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Top border patrol agent says U.S. must care for illegals
The chief U.S. Border Patrol agent said yesterday that the government has a responsibility to protect Mexican citizens who are illegally crossing into the United States

5m Eye the West as EU Borders Expand
The EU's eastward expansion will bring an influx of about five million immigrants to western Europe by 2020

Proposed Homeland Security Agency must control visas, lawmaker says
President Bush's proposed Department of Homeland Security should control the issuance of visas to prevent terrorists from easily entering the country, a House committee member said at one of several national security-related hearings yesterday.

Science,Technology and Health

Italian Court Decision Stirs Euthanasia Debate
Removing life support from a terminally ill patient is not a crime if it cannot be proven that the patient was alive at the time of the act, an Italian appeal court has said

In-vitro fertilization Passes 'One Million Babies' Milestone
An estimated one million children have been born as a result of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment since the first "test tube baby," Louise Brown, was born in England in 1978

Spies at liberty in your PC
A host of potentially malicious programs is waiting to play havoc with your computer

Nanotechnology's First Fruits
Products nearing market promise to lead the budding industry from hype to reality

Fear of Big Brother in Microsoft technology
To Microsoft's critics, Palladium means the world's biggest software company is attempting to be a global policeman.

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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Cuba backs permanent socialism
Fidel Castro: "The revolutionary process of socialism cannot be reversed"

Second Amendment

Gun Grab l Groups Worry About Justice Department Rule
Gun control advocates say a new Justice Department interpretation of the Second Amendment could affect the course of pending litigation, and they are urging attorneys to take note.

Widow gets settlement from pawnshop that sold gun to mildly retarded man
The Florida Supreme Court has refused to review a controversial appeals court ruling that declared an Okeechobee pawnshop negligent for selling a gun to a mildly retarded man three days before he killed an Ohio tourist four years ago

Primer on the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms
by the Virginia Institute for Public Policy, Potomac Falls, Virginia

UK: Police Negotiate With British Gunman
A gunman took a hostage Thursday at an American Express office in central London


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