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  Records on gun owners assailed UN: Biological, chemical attack 'a matter of time'  
  NATO Rolls Out New Strike Force NYPD to Have Access to Interpol Data  

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Today on The Alex Jones Show:

Robert Gaylon Ross

Author of The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK and MLK

on JFK's assasination

US News

Selective Service Lottery

If and when the Congress and the President reinstate a military draft, the Selective Service System would conduct a National Draft Lottery to determine the order in which young men would be drafted.

LBJ aides say JFK documentary a smear


A television documentary claiming Lyndon B. Johnson helped plot the Kennedy assassination was condemned as an absurd smear by Johnson's family and former staff members.

High-Tech Jobs Dwindle by 12 Percent


About 12 percent of the nation's high-tech jobs have evaporated during the past two years, but the meltdown appears to be in its final stages, according to an industry report to be released Wednesday

Parts of White House Evacuated


At least parts of the White House were evacuated Thursday. A plane flew within five miles of restricted airspace around the complex, the Secret Service said

Rare Infection Threatens to Spread in Blood Supply

New York Times

A parasitic infection common in Latin America is threatening the United States blood supply, public health experts say. They are especially concerned because there will be no test for it in donated blood until next year at the earliest.

FBI charges 47 after Wall Street raid

The Courier-Mail

US federal prosecutors yesterday filed charges against 47 traders in the foreign exchange market after an FBI undercover operation exposed a murky world of fraud, corruption and narcotics trafficking.

Engineered Extinction

The New American

Government policies threaten our jobs, economy and national security by destroying America's basic resource industries mining, forestry, farming and ranching.

Jeb Bush says Terri must have jury trial


Florida governor launches legal volley at husband of brain-damaged woman

New World Order

NATO Rolls Out New Strike Force


War games involving air, sea and land forces from 11 nations mark the debut for the NATO Response Force which brings together elite troops from around the alliance into a single unit to tackle threats from terrorists, rogue states or regional crises.

EU Parliament Says Yes to Embryo Cell Research


The European Parliament voted Wednesday to fund research using stem cells taken from human embryos, a controversial procedure opposed by anti-abortion activists.

Police State

NYPD to Have Access to Interpol Data


The NYPD will be the first police department in the United States to plug into a Interpol database that allows access to fingerprints, passports and pictures.

Miami Puts on Battle Gear for Trade Protests 


Police in full battle gear huddle under every tree, patrol cars block each intersection, armored assault vehicles lurk under highway bridges and a black fence snakes through the ghost town that has become downtown Miami

Big Brother

Reuters: Biometrics Hold Key to Next Hi-Tech Revolution


"Biometrics," the technology that uses fingerprints, the voice, face or eyes to identify an individual, is set to revolutionize the way we travel and live.

Here Comes Big Brother

The Day

columnist Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune notes that FBI agents used the Patriot Act to go after a Las Vegas strip club owner suspected of bribing politicians. What, you may ask, does this have to do with terrorist investigations? Absolutely nothing, but the Patriot Act has in many ways made it easier for federal law enforcement officers to intrude improperly on people, even to violate the rights of suspected criminals.

Republicans Back E-Vote Bill 


As criticism of electronic voting systems heats up across the nation, three Republicans have signed on to support a bill that would force e-voting machines to produce a paper trail. Previously only Democrats had vowed to support the bill.

Iraq Aftermath/War on Terror News

Backups alerted for Iraq duty

New York Times

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered an additional 15,000 Reserve and National Guard troops Wednesday to prepare for the possibility of yearlong duty in Iraq or Kuwait, rounding out a plan to rotate U.S. forces in the region by next spring.

Public Support for US Col Who Tortured, Staged Mock Execution of Prisoner

London Guardian

A US lieutenant colonel went before a military hearing in Iraq yesterday charged with beating an Iraqi detainee and staging a mock execution to scare information out of him.

U.S. blasts Iraqi rebel sites, triples border patrol


U.S. jets and helicopter gunships launched the biggest air operation in central Iraq since active combat ended, blasting suspected ambush sites and hideouts with 225-kilogram bombs Tuesday. Explosions rocked western Baghdad as American troops mounted fresh attacks against insurgents.

US keeps intelligence secret from British

London Telegraph

The Americans are preventing the British and other key allies in the war on terrorism from seeing intelligence that could save lives, a US conference on military intelligence has been told.

US hid vital war data from allies

The Age

Australian officers were denied access to critical US intelligence during the Iraq war, potentially putting their lives at risk, under a policy described by a senior US Air Force intelligence officer as "damn silly".


UN: Biological, chemical attack 'a matter of time'


The threat was among several findings detailed in the report by the United Nations' al Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Committee which also cited a shifting of the terror network's strategy, a move towards "softer" targets and a warning the group was working towards a biological or chemical attack.

Second Amendment

Senator pushes bill for reporting gun buys


The Justice Department says the Brady gun control law prevents it from sharing information about successful transactions by suspects on its watch list -- or anyone else. The department says the law allows it to report attempted purchases only.

Do-Nothing Congress Continues Dragging Its Feet
-- While pro-gun bills languish, gun ban still being considered


On the one hand, it looks like some folks in the nation's capital are finally starting to realize that banning guns is political suicide. On the other hand, those who have benefited most from "gun politics" are about to shoot themselves in the foot.

Homeowner Kills Intruder


An intruder got more than he bargained for when he broke into a home Tuesday night in North St. Louis County. Police say the man was shot and killed by the owner of the home.

Records on gun owners assailed

Miami Herald

Invoking Adolf Hitler's and Fidel Castro's atrocities, a handful of conservative lawmakers have filed a bill to prohibit police from compiling gun-owner and gun-sale lists, saying it infringes on citizens' rights to privacy and to own firearms.

World War III

China threatens war with Taiwan

The Age

China yesterday warned it might go to war to gain control over Taiwan, as it watches the island's politicians edging towards formal independence and the United States administration taking an equivocal stand on the issue.

The dispute over Iran's nuclear programme


The International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) Board of Governors was meeting on Thursday to discuss an IAEA report on Iran's long concealment of its nuclear programme and is expected to a adopt a resolution about it.

World News

31 arrested in Bush protests


On a largely trouble-free day, with thousands of police including armed officers on duty, police said 31 people had been arrested. But the sight of protesters jubilantly burning the American flag near Buckingham Palace underlined feelings of animosity toward the President.

Bush, Blair Stand United on War on Terror


President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair stood united on the war on terror Thursday and the British leader said new bombings in Turkey demonstrate the need "not to flinch or give way or concede one inch" in Iraq.

Protesters claim victory

This is London

Organisers of today's demonstration against the controversial visit of President George Bush claimed that up to 200,000 people joined the protest.

Israel Defiant Over Barrier After Bush Criticism


Israel responded defiantly on Thursday to unusually sharp criticism by President Bush of a barrier it is building through Palestinian areas in the West Bank.

Science and Health

Tiny robot helicopter unveiled in Japan


Weighing only 8.9 grams, the four-legged mini-copter is equipped with four micro actuators to drive two rotors and stabilising units that make it fly and balance in the air.

New Twist On Death Arrangements With DNA Genome Vault

Space Daily

Nevada-based ZORNEX Corporation has come up with a new twist to consider when making final arrangements. The company creates Personal (DNA) Genome Vaults, preserving the loved one's genetic strands inside a miniature pyramid with a 3-D memorial bust on top.

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