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  More U.S. reservists face deployment Deported Terror Suspect Details Torture in Syria  
  CIA Seeks to Capture Eye I.D. from a Distance Nato hints at undertaking pre-emptive missions  
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Iraq Aftermath/War on Terror

Deported Terror Suspect Details Torture in Syria

Washington Post

A Canadian citizen who was detained last year at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York as a suspected terrorist said Tuesday he was secretly deported to Syria and endured 10 months of torture in a Syrian prison.

Guantanamo inmate sues US


In the first case of its kind, Mr Sagheer described his arrest by American authorities as illegal and his treatment at the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay as extremely inhuman.

Afghan allies turn enemies

Asia Times

According to the commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led International Assistance Security Force (ISAF), Lieutenant-General Gotz Gliemeroth, a "new species" of well-trained terrorists have infiltrated Kabul.

Where are the missing billions?

London Guardian

why has Iraq been given more than four times the amount pledged to Afghanistan? Is it because Afghanistan does not produce oil?

Survey Shows Skepticism About Iraq

Washington Post

Most Americans Polled Don't Believe Conflict Is Key Fight in War on Terrorism

US News

More U.S. reservists face deployment

Toronto Star

In a major setback to U.S. efforts to attract military help in Iraq, a Turkish official said today his country won't send peacekeeping troops without a significant change in the situation there. That makes it virtually certain the United States will have to send thousands more American reservists early next year.

Oiling up the draft machine?

The Pentagon is quietly moving to fill draft board vacancies nationwide. While officials say there's no cause to worry, some experts aren't so sure.

Mexican President Vicente Fox to visit Austin

News 8 Austin

One of the other common issues includes immigration. Fox wants more visas for Mexicans working in the United States. According to Alejo, this is most crucial aspect of Fox's trip.

Crime soars in Parks along the Border

USA Today

North Cascades National Park in Washington has more serious crimes per visitor than any park in the country, and the national parks and forests that butt against the Canadian border have drug smuggling problems as well.

JFK limo's last survivor shares her memories

San Antonio Express-News

Within 12 days of sitting across from President Kennedy as he was assassinated in Dallas, Nellie Connally took out a legal pad and scribbled out over 22 pages every detail she could recall of that clear fall day.

Schiavo's Parents Excluded From Constitutional Legal Case


A judge on Tuesday denied a bid by the parents of a severely brain-damaged woman to intervene in the legal battle over a hastily passed state law that empowered Gov. Jeb Bush to keep her alive.

More on the Bush-Nazi link and Their New World Order Plan

New Hampshire Gazette

It was a perfect example of spin, before the term was even invented. Their goal was that no matter which side won the war, their international industrial cartel would survive and prosper.

Subpoena Bush's 9/11 records already

Online Journal

Do it. Subpoena them already. It is more than than two years since the attacks and we still have at best a limited idea as to what happened. Bush is playing his usual games. Would Bush continue negotiating or move in? Remember Iraq?


FBI has new 9/11 hijacking suspect

USA Today

The FBI has identified an al-Qaeda operative who agents believe tried as late as August 2001 to join the 9/11 terrorist plot as the "20th hijacker," a top federal law enforcement official said Tuesday.

U.N. Report: al-Qaida Trained in Somalia

London Guardian

Al-Qaida terrorists who attacked a Kenyan resort hotel and an Israeli-owned airliner last year, plotted the attacks and obtained their weapons in neighboring Somalia and were able to hide out in the Horn of African nation afterward, a draft U.N. report concluded.

Police State

UK's Blunkett outlines biggest shake-up of police forces for 30 years

London Telegraph

He signalled the demise of dozens of smaller constabularies and their replacement by larger "strategic" forces backed by specialist investigation units and a national agency to tackle organised crime.

Anti-war activist charged for 'misusing phone' to protest to US


An Auckland peace activist who sent an e-mail to the US Embassy objecting to the war on Iraq has been charged with misuse of a telephone.

Terrorist drill covers sea

Pensacola News Journal

Coast Guard, law enforcement swarm ship in training exercise

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Playstation 2

You're a member of the Global Strike Team, an offshoot of SWAT formed in 2008 to supplement local law enforcement internationally

Big Brother

CIA Seeks to Capture Eye I.D. from a Distance


The CIA is trying to improve facial recognition technology which can be notoriously inaccurate, and also develop ways to identify from a distance a target in motion by the iris of the person's eye

Fingerprinting pushes buttons

York Daily record

With driver's license in hand, Kenneth Murtiff was shocked and angry when M&T Bank recently wanted his fingerprint to cash a payroll check previously issued from Allfirst.

Digital Angel Corp. to Acquire OuterLink Corp., A Leader in Satellite Tracking And Mobile Satellite Data Communications Systems

PR Newswire

As a natural evolution of its traditional animal applications and military GPS business lines, the Company will focus on location technology and condition monitoring for a broad array of high-value assets, including people, pets, livestock, fish/wildlife, commercial/private vehicles, military vehicles, commercial/private aircraft, commercial/private watercraft, military watercraft and stationary assets in remote locations.

Wal-Mart to hold ID tag meeting


Wal-Mart Stores and its largest 100 merchandise suppliers plan to meet this week to plot the implementation of a new high-tech inventory-tracking system, a project expected to send ripples across the retail industry.

Second Amendment

Palm Beach County principal reassigned after allegedly pointing toy gun at student

Sun Sentinel

The principal of Okeeheelee Middle School has been reassigned while Palm Beach County school district officials investigate an allegation he pointed a toy gun at a student.

World War III

Arms dealer in talks with US officials about Iran


Pentagon hard-liners pressing for change of government in Iran have held secret, unauthorised meetings in Paris with an arms dealer who was a main figure in the Iran-Contra scandal.

World News

US Tax Dollars Helped Finance Some Chavez Foes, Review Finds

Common Dreams

Over the two years preceding the thwarted coup in April against President Hugo Chavez, a US-funded prodemocracy group financed a range of antigovernment programs, including some that have come under scrutiny for the way they spent their money.

Putin reaffirms Russia's right to preemptive strikes


President Vladimir Putin has reaffirmed his position that Russia can resort to preemptive military strikes because the policy is also practiced by the United States.

Check out the Irony: Bush under pressure to intervene over Yukos

Financial Times

The Bush administration on Tuesday came under pressure from Congress and rightwing supporters to punish Russian president Vladimir Putin for what Senator John McCain denounced as Russia's slide towards "neo-imperialism abroad and authoritarian control at home".

New World Order

Nato hints at undertaking pre-emptive missions

The International News

NATO's military commander said on Tuesday he sees the alliance taking on more stabilisation missions in the future, pre-emptively going into troubled regions to try to prevent them from becoming runaway breeding grounds for terrorists.

US Marines joint operations in Philippines

The International News

Some 400 US Marines arrived in the Philippines on Monday for joint training with Filipino troops amid intense security because of the threat of terrorist attack, the US military said.

Science and Health

FDA: products from cloned animals, like products that have been genetically engineered, do not need to carry a warning label on the package

PR Newswire

"Citizens deserve the right to know what is in their food and how it has been produced," said Siemon. "At least if the product is labeled as being from cloned animals, consumers can have a choice."

Food from cloned animals moves closer to store shelves

USA Today

The arrival of meat or milk from cloned animals in America's grocery stores took a giant step forward with the release of a Food and Drug Administration report that says cloned animals pose no greater risk to human health than normally bred animals

Sales of cloned cattle multiply


Cattle are quietly being cloned and sold for high prices as the livestock industry anticipates government approval for letting their offspring into the food chain, industry officials said.

Organic Valley Blasts F.D.A. Support for Animal Cloning; Warns People are not Guinea Pigs

PR Newswire

"By allowing foods from cloned animals into the food system without proof of their long-term effects on human, animal and environmental health, the F.D.A. is not protecting the consumer. The F.D.A. is furthering their support of the abhorrent attempt by corporate interests to control the genes of our citizenry," warned George Siemon, CEO of Organic Valley.

What is happening to the Sun?


The Sun's intense activity in the past week will go into the record books.

Sun on Fire, Unleashes 3 More Major Flares

The Sun cut loose with three severe flares in less than 24 hours through Monday morning, bringing to nine the number of major eruptions in less than two weeks.

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