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woman Compares bin Laden to the Founding Fathers
""If you think back to our founding as a country, we are a country of revolution," Kaptur told the Toledo Blade. "One could say that Osama bin Laden and these non-nation-state fighters with religious purpose are very similar to those kind of atypical revolutionaries that helped to cast off the British crown."

This comes as no surprise to us -- we have come across numerous instances of the Founding Fathers are being demonized again and again. In 911: The Road to Tyranny a FEMA instructor tells classroom of firemen that the Founding Fathers were terrorists.

All of this is done purposefully, as America and all it stands for is transformed into a NWO police state cesspool.

Remember: Alex says that the next phase of the globalists' plan is to connect the right wing, militia groups, conservatives, Christians, homeschoolers, with Al-Qaeda and Iraq and a host of other unsavory organizations.

If a FEMA instructor can get a bunch of firemen to agree with him that the Founding Fathers were terrorists and a prominent member of Congress can compare them to bin Laden, do you really think the duped-down sheeple will have a hard time buying the globalists' lies?


Two women, not vaccinated for smallpox, develop eye infections from vaccine
This brings to three the number of moderate-to-severe reactions among civilians as a result of smallpox vaccinations. Last week, the CDC reported that a 39-year-old Florida nurse appeared to have a rash called generalized vaccinia

New Colored Money Rollout Set for March 27
The federal government will unveil a new $20 bill that will introduce a predominant but subtle color into the background, marking the first time in modern history that a US bill will feature a color other than green.


Pentagon’s Third Eye
The Washington Post published the following information a couple of years ago: “At least within the period of 1979-1989, special groups of extrasensory individuals and clairvoyants were actually employed by the American military department.”

UNFPA Supports Forced Abortion in China, New Evidence Suggests
Leaders of the Population Research Institute and Concerned Women for American lashed out at the UNFPA's operations in China, highlighting new evidence they said shows the Asian nation continues to force women to abort children.

Article showing Skull and Bones members, E. R. Harriman,
and Prescott S. Bush(The President's Grandfather.) tied to Hitler's funding and Banking.

Two Establishment Hacks Bring You the New World Order Line.

A right-wing Judas goat and a left-wing Judas goat bringing our Republic to slaughter. (Got your barf bag handy?)

Homeland Security in the Classroom
Public Indoctrination Centers Condition Your Children to Be Prisoners and Lick the Boots of the Police State

Schools punish for self defense
The old-fashioned concept of ridding oneself of antagonizers with a show of force -- whether verbal or physical -- no longer flies in most local school districts these days

Homeland Security: The Police State is Here to Stay
The increased domestic security that is part and parcel of the war on terrorism is here to stay, the newly created Department of Homeland Security's No. 2 official said Wednesday

Alex Jones Analyses the Secret Patriot Act II -- Click Here's Secret Patriot Act II Section -- Click Here


Attorney General John Ashcroft Reverses Bush Administration Position on Renewing Federal Ban on Assault Weapons
If This is True, This Is the First Good Thing That Ashcroft Has Really Done. Alex Imagines It's Only Posturing to Neutralize Pro-Gun Forces

MD: Mayor O'Malley Signs Legislation to Prohibit the Sales of Ammunition or Firearms in Designated Zoning Districts
The legislation makes the sales of ammunition permissible only at locations lawfully allowed to sell firearms and prohibits the sales of ammunition or firearms within 100 yards of a park, religious institution, school, public building or place of public assembly

Ammunition Sales Made Illegal
Baltimore retailers who sell ammunition without having a licence to sell firearms could face charges.

Mom With Shotgun Foils Burglary Suspects
A 44-year-old Yelm woman used an unloaded shotgun to ward off two teenage boys who broke into her home

California, Illinois Big Battlegrounds for Gun Owners
Second Amendment supporters are keeping a close watch on California and Illinois, two states where lawmakers would like to expand the amount of information collected on gun owners

Your Help Needed to Get More Guns on Planes
-- Senate bill introduced to close the airline loophole

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Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military interrogation base

Prisoners 'killed' at US base

The report said "blunt force trauma" had contributed to the deaths.

FLASHBACK: CIA accused of torture at Bagram base

WASHINGTON TIMES: "The ethics of torturing KSM should not be an issue. As a practical matter, the question is: How to torture him in such a way that it takes hours, not days or weeks, for him to break"

ABC NEWS: Torture for Terrorists?
"Physical Torture Is Out, But 9/11 Suspect Can Be Made ‘Uncomfortable" -- Note this article says it has been suggested that "children could be used as a form of leverage."

Dershowitz: Torture could be justified

"we could use] a torture warrant, which puts a heavy burden on the government to demonstrate by factual evidence the necessity to administer this horrible, horrible technique of torture. I would talk about nonlethal torture, say, a sterilized needle underneath the nail, which would violate the Geneva Accords, but you know, countries all over the world violate the Geneva Accords. They do it secretly and hypothetically, the way the French did it in Algeria."

A choice among evils
Should the US torture al-Qaeda mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in a bid to head off more terrorism? The answer, says jurist ALAN DERSHOWITZ, looks into the very heart of America

Fears that US will use 'torture lite' on al-Qaida No 3
The White House denied he was being tortured, although there is speculation that a variety of techniques known in the intelligence community as "torture lite" would be used to get information from him.


Detroit cop faces gun charges
Federal authorities engaged in cleaning up corruption in the Detroit Police Department have charged a local officer with stealing a gun and about $2,000 in cash while he was on duty.

Painful Questions:  An Analysis of the Sept. 11th Attack
Concentration Camps in America

No word why slain agent was in Mexico
Jorge Luis Salomon Martinez picked up hitchhikers Tuesday in Sonora. Four suspects are in custody and a fifth is sought. Bumperstickers

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The Jones Report: Full transcript of Alex's latest interview with award winning journalist Greg Palast -- Click here
Read Palast's Glowing Praise of Alex Jones -- Click Here


Did China's new leaders take part in a school bloodbath?
Qinghua University was the birthplace of the Red Guards – the fanatical teenage activists who terrorised "closet capitalists" in the Cultural Revolution. It was here during Beijing's Red August of 1966 that middle-school students began beating their teachers in a savage bloodbath endorsed by Mao.

Was Stalin killed to avert war?
Terrified that Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was about to launch a full-scale nuclear attack on the United States and a second mass-murder campaign causing tens of millions of deaths, his underlings secretly murdered him with rat poison, a major new historical study concludes.

US lawmaker says Russia wasted $200 million of your tax dollars
A House committee chairman said he wants the military to keep tighter control on a program to dismantle weapons held by the former Soviet Union, following the collapse of two projects that cost the United States about $200 million.

Russian communists want to clone Stalin
A group of Russian communists want to clone Joseph Stalin to bring back the good old days.


From Promoting Occultism and the Destruction of Society to Pushing the Gun Grab Agenda, MTV Propaganda Targets Impressionable Children, Now Not Just with Music Videos
A debate with Tony Blair shows that MTV is spreading its wings as it moves away from a strict diet of non-stop pop videos.

Police State 2000

UN Inspectors Say U.S. Relied on Forged Reports of Iraq Nuclear Efforts
Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told the U.N. Security Council on Friday that experts had dismissed as counterfeit documents that allegedly showed Iraqi officials shopping for uranium in Africa two years ago.

UK nuclear evidence a fake British intelligence claims that Saddam Hussein has been trying to import uranium for a nuclear bomb are unfounded, according to UN nuclear inspectors

When we watched the dictator's recent press conference, it was clear that the reporters had submitted their questions prior to the press conference. This was confirmed by Bush starting to go to a reporter out of turn, then stopping, saying "oh wait, this is scripted," then going on to another reporter. When a reporter would ask his question, Bush would look down at his notes and read his script. All the transcripts say "unscripted," but review of a tape of the conference confirms he clearly says "this is scripted."

Read a Transcript of the Press Conference

Campbell revives roving press unit to 'spin the war'
A dedicated "war unit" is being set up by Downing Street to organise press and PR coverage during the forthcoming conflict in Iraq. The unit will be staffed by senior press officers from across Whitehall, many of whom have already volunteered for the project.

Asia Times:
Khalid: A test for US credibility

FLASHBACK: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was killed last year according to the Asia Times! Please read the articles at the bottom of the page for more information on his 'arrest'.

60,000 more troops ready for war
An additional 60,000 US troops have been ordered to deploy as part of the build-up for a possible war against Iraq.

Western Jets Add Patrols, Attack Iraq Air Defense
US and British warplanes have more than doubled their patrols over the Iraqi "no-fly" zones, to at least 500 a day, defense officials said on Thursday, as a U.S.-led attack appeared closer than ever.

US Urban Warfare Battle plan for Baghdad
"I am talking about attacking those things from which the regime draws its power but being very careful about it so that we don't get large bodies of young Americans caught up in a house-to-house Berlin, World War II type scenario," Wallace said.

ABC Nightline to report on PNAC group, which planned the Iraq invasion as far back as 1997.

Britain's dirty secret
A chemical plant which the US says is a key component in Iraq's chemical warfare arsenal was secretly built by Britain in 1985 behind the backs of the Americans

How about Our Dirty Secret? Remember This?: US Sending Iraq biologicals as recently as 1992
The Senate committee's rep orts on 'US Chemical and Biological Warfare-Related Dual-Use Exports to Iraq', undertaken in 1992 in the wake of the Gulf war, give the date and destination of all US exports. The reports show, for example, that on May 2, 1986, two batches of bacillus anthracis -- the micro-organism that causes anthrax -- were shipped to the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education, along with two batches of the bacterium clostridium botulinum, the agent that causes deadly botulism poisoning.

Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York
North Korea would launch a ballistic missile attack on the United States if Washington made a pre-emptive strike against the communist state's nuclear facility, the man described as Pyongyang's "unofficial spokesman" claimed yesterday.

US may strike our nuke facilities: N Korea
North Korea said on Friday that US President George W Bush's comment that he did not rule out using military force against the North was a signal that he planned to attack its nuclear facilities.

Newspaper says N. Korean missile pieces found in Alaska
Officials puzzled, say closest one splashed down hundreds of miles off coast

N. Korea Calls US-S. Korean Exercises a Prelude to a US led invasion
South Korea and the United States launched a major joint military exercise Tuesday despite protests from North Korea, which called the drills a prelude to a U.S.-led invasion


Bring GM Technology to Your Front Yard

Will they find a desert grass that can be bred into something pretty enough for urban lawns?

Superbug strain hits the healthy
A drug-resistant superbug that spreads by skin contact is infecting thousands of people across the US and may now have reached Europe.

Superbug's new strain thrives outside hospitals
The bacterium, which normally affects only sick and elderly hospital in-patients, is striking fit Americans with no links to the hospitals in which it thrives

Bringing animals back from the brink
Sound Familiar?


The Northwoods Government Terrorism Plan Included Blaming Foreign Enemies for Space Disasters.
It Also Called for Hijacking Jet Airliners, Bombing US Ships, Bombing DC and Sniper Attacks -- MORE...CLICK HERE FOR ALEX'S ANALYSIS, ARTICLES AND MORE!!!!



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