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UN Says World Is Running Out of Water
Making plentiful resources artificially scarce to bring the global plantation into submission

Haass to the Council on Foreign Relations?
The Council on Foreign Relations reportedly will offer its presidency to Richard N. Haass, who currently heads the State Department's policy planning shop and is President Bush's point person on Northern Ireland

UK: MPs call for full ban on smacking
MPs led renewed calls for the Government to impose a full ban on smacking yesterday, warning that loopholes in the law were allowing child abusers to escape justice.

Brutal Police Thugs at Work in Canada
Six Vancouver police officers have been suspended over charges that they picked up three suspected drug dealers, took them to a Stanley Park parking lot and beat them.

UK School hires drug dogs and Bouncers
A school has hired nightclub bouncers and sniffer dogs to prevent pupils using drugs.


Japan 'loses' 206kg of plutonium
Japan on Tuesday admitted that 206kg of its plutonium - enough to make about 25 nuclear bombs - is unaccounted for.

Fox's 'Get the U.S. Out of Mexico' Campaign
The name United States of Mexico was adopted in 1824, not in emulation of the United States, but in hopes of developing a federalist system of government. It didn't work; power remained centralized in Mexico City.

UK: 'Sick being frightened into suicide'
They accept the anguish of the families caring for loved ones with debilitating diseases, but say that the campaigners are using publicity to frighten people in the early stages.


Surgeon Brands Woman's Uterus with His Alma Mater's Initials
surgeon being sued for branding a patient's uterus with the initials of his alma mater -- the University of Kentucky -- defended his actions Tuesday as a routine part of a hysterectomy. Bumperstickers


Cliff Patterson: Another Step in the Government's Incremental Takeover

Wade Inganamort: Search For The Missing Iraqis: Ask Daddy Bush And Clinton

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Alex Jones Presents Police State 2000

The Masters of Terror
Big Brother Is Also Being Watched, With New Alarm
This year the news has been full of reports of new federal government surveillance initiatives.

Probe feds in 9/11 jail abuse
The Justice Department is investigating 33 complaints that government agents abused people detained after the Sept. 11 attacks

PN: Coroner finds trooper justified in killing unarmed 12-year-old boy in the back on Christmas Eve

Smile! It's You-Better-Be-Candid Camera
British scientists claim they have invented the world's most sophisticated lie detector.

Teaming Up: Digital Angel and the University of California
The biosensor-equipped devices are expected to open a new era of mobile connectivity, feeding real-time data on personal vital signs and environmental conditions to remote alert centers over cellular and satellite communications links.

The Marshall Plan
For 40 years, the man Pentagon insiders call Yoda has foreseen the future of war - from battlefield bots rolling off radar-proof ships to GIs popping performance pills. And that was before the war on terror.

9-Digit 'Social' Overused as ID
Faced with growing pressure from constituents concerned about the risks of identity theft, lawmakers are contemplating ways to curtail use of Social Security numbers for purposes other than taxpayer identification.



State of the Union address
All lies and propaganda. We love the part about how he's fighting and punishing corporate criminals.

A lack of integrity, money and unity limits investigation of drug operations

MN: Vaccine critics gain allies at Leg.
A movement whose members believe that routine childhood vaccinations, including those for polio and tetanus, seriously harm many children is gaining political momentum in Minnesota

Woman is made to walk naked before co-workers
A U.S. Postal Service manager was forced to disrobe and walk naked in front of about a dozen employees yesterday morning by a colleague who threatened to kill her unless she complied.

Virginia receives smallpox vaccine
The Virginia Department of Health in Richmond received 10,000 doses of smallpox vaccine from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention yesterday

Chained Toddler Puts Illinois Foster System Under Fire
Critics said the scandal indicates the Department of Children and Family Services needs to reduce its reliance on private agencies to watch over children in foster care.

DWI cop tried bribe: DA
A drunk and bleeding NYPD sergeant tried to bribe his way out of trouble on the night he slammed into a car on Long Island, killing two Central American immigrants, prosecutors charged yesterday.

Rabid coyote attacks man in yard
Jimmy Hawthorne was riding his lawn mower outside his home when a coyote ran out of the woods and attacked him.

Student’s Pro-Life T-shirt Is Equivalent to the Swastika Says School Principal
The mother of an honor student at Abington Junior High School in Pennsylvania was told by the principal that her son’s pro-life t-shirt was unacceptable school clothing because its message was the equivalent of the swastika.


KY: Local Authorities Join Federal Anti-Gun Crime Effort

Washington Post Asks: Should Gun Advocates Adopt a Highway?

Gun Violence Victims, lawmakers Unite to Fight Legal Immunity for Gun Industry

Judge throws out verdict against gun company in teacher's slaying
Pam Grunow had sued gun distributor Valor Corp. after her husband was gunned down in a school hallway in May 2000.

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More countries issue ID cards to illegal aliens in U.S.
Guatemala, Honduras, Poland, Peru and El Salvador, aware of Mexico's success in getting identification cards to its citizens in the United States, including those here illegally, have begun or are considering issuing cards of their own

EU sea patrols target illegal immigrants
Vessels from five European Union nations have launched sea patrols in an attempt to combat illegal immigration.

EU starts 'navy' to stop influx from Africa
The European Union yesterday launched its own "navy" to patrol the southern shores of Europe and head off the flotillas that ship illegal immigrants from North Africa

200,000 Eligible For Residency
Immigration officials Monday encouraged tens of thousands of immigrants in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, who are eligible for U.S. permanent residency under legislation passed in 2000,

Possible Court Battle: Harry Potter Computer-Animated Elf Looks too Much Like Putin


China-Pakistan alleged nuclear ties trouble India

India on Monday expressed "deep concern" over China's alleged continued support of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program.


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