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Euro rules force Church bodies to employ atheists and Satanists
This is What It Will Be Like under Bush's Faith-Based Initiative

Mexican Troops Stray over Border Ritter May Face Federal Sex Rap
Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, snared two years ago in an Internet sex sting, now may face a federal probe in the case.

UK Push to Implement License Plate Scanning Cameras Nationwide
A new generation of road surveillance cameras designed to help police intercept violent and serious criminals will lead to more than 200,000 extra arrests a year and significant reductions in car crime, Home Office ministers believe

French protest tough new crime-busting measures
Ravers, homeless people and human rights activists marched through Paris on Saturday to protest tough new crime-busting measures including a law that could mean prison for those caught mocking the national anthem.

Truth machine means liars must keep a straight face
There are lies, damned lies and imperceptible micro-gestures. Scientists in Manchester are claim they can now detect them with the world's most sophisticated lie-detector.

UK: Volunteers to join child protection teams


War talk sends euro near four-year high
The European single currency has reached a near four-year high against the US dollar on continuing fears over a war on Iraq and the global economic outlook.

UK Doctors 'back euthanasia'
More than half of doctors believe terminally-ill people should be allowed to seek medical help to die

India warns Pakistan that it could be 'erased from world map'
The Indian Defense Minister has warned Pakistan it would be "erased from the world map" if Islamabad used nuclear weapons against India.

Hitler saw Duke of Windsor as 'no enemy' US file reveals
Intelligence report throws new light on former king's ties to Führer


Man who killed policewoman was in U.S. illegally
A convicted drug dealer, Keen was in the United States illegally

U.S. rethinks use of ID card from Mexico
DeKalb official wants county to drop its OK

Falling Into the Gap
The economy is lousy and the city is teeming with immigrants willing to work for extremely low wages, even for pay below the minimum wage. So jobs are hard to find and wages across the board are rock-bottom

Hispanics hear pledge of service from new attorney general
Nebraska's new attorney general, Jon Bruning, has pledged to help make state services more accessible to Spanish-speakers.

Legislative plans to curb illegal entrants criticized
"Those are Draconian measures," said Isabel Garcia, co-chair of Derechos Humanos. "The last thing we need is further militarization of our border. They are pandering to our real concerns about security. What they are trying to do is exploit those concerns by inciting us that immigrants are responsible for terrorism."


Paul Joseph Watson: Puppet On A String: Hamas Dances To Israel’s Tune

Kevin Newsom: Gulf War Episode II: Attack of the Drones

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Alex Jones Infiltrates Bohemian Grove!

The Masters of Terror
Feds Track Health of Citizens with Mega-Database
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is to lead the multimillion-dollar surveillance effort -- for your safety, of course...

Big Brother getting bigger
President presides over burgeoning government, aggravated by concerns over security after 9/11

CIA Building Secret Operations Group of Hundreds of Commandos
The CIA's Secret Army

Oakland: Police in riot gear, rubber bullets and tear gas

Hundreds of people wandered into Pershing Park on the morning of Sept. 27—activists looking for a protest, nurses in town for a conference, lawyers headed to work, and a cyclist training for a race. And there was Chief Charles Ramsey with his troops, ready to arrest them all.

TN: Murfreesboro residents describe wrongful arrests, wonder why

FBI Taps Campus Police in Anti-Terror Operations
Student, Faculty Groups Fear a Return of Spying Abuses Against Activists, Foreign Nationals

TX: Officers brace to be fired in Kmart raid case

Oakland's Police 'Riders' on Trial
Officers Lauded for Drug Busts Are Accused of Brutality by Ex-Colleague

Treating School Kids Like Criminals
A high school in western Kansas has hired a private company to search the school's premises periodically for weapons, drugs and alcohol.

Hitlery: We Need More Police State Controls!
"We have relied on a myth of homeland security - a myth written in rhetoric, inadequate resources and a new bureaucracy instead of relying on good, old-fashioned American ingenuity, might and muscle..."


GM Cows Engineered to "Make Cheese"
Scientists in New Zealand have cloned a herd of cows designed to produce genetically enhanced milk that almost turns itself into cheese.

IVF links to increased cancer risk
Children conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF) may have a greater chance of developing a rare form of childhood eye cancer, according to new Dutch research.


China enacts law extending its control
China has enacted a new decree extending its control over a 200-mile economic zone from its coast that Bush administration officials say could lead to another clash with the United States over freedom of navigation.


Hero dad under the gun
Faces trial after shooting intruder

California reports question success of firearm 'fingerprinting'
Two related California studies to be released this week conclude it is currently impractical to catalog the ballistic "fingerprints" of every firearm in California

Ashcroft to talk about Philadelphia gun sentencing program
U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft comes to Philadelphia on Thursday to promote a city program that has netted hundreds of defendants targeted by federal prosecutors as gun criminals


Foreign Troops Training to Take Over US Cities


US shares keep falling
US shares opened lower in New York on Monday, as fears over a war with Iraq continued to haunt investors

9/11 Probe: Aiming High
The commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks wants to talk to top Bush Administration officials

What They Knew and How They Made the Attacks Happen
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Army endorses mixed-sex training
The Army's top brass has concluded that mixed-sex recruit training is "not efficient" but nevertheless is a policy worth keeping, according to an internal study.

Only Four Doctors Show up for Smallpox Jab
Just four doctors rolled up their sleeves for smallpox shots Friday in a feeble start for the U.S. government's plan to vaccinate a half-million front-line healthcare workers across the nation in case of a bioterrorist attack

First US Health Workers Get Smallpox Jabs
Connecticut health workers rolled up their sleeves on Friday and became the first American civilians to be vaccinated against smallpox under a controversial government plan to protect against a biological attack.

Hatch Hopes To Fast-Track Judge Picks
Sets brisk agenda for committee

Ministry of Propaganda
Continues Cheesy War Pitch
Be careful not to choke as they shove it down your throat.

Classified ad for airline seats can't squeak by terrorism filter
It began with a white elephant sale. It ended with a call from the FBI, checking out the possibility of terrorist activities - among docent volunteers.

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