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Mexican Troops Stray over Border CFR's Hart:
Biological Attacks Will Happen Sooner Rather than Later
"What will happen sooner rather than later is probably a biological attack on multiple targets in the center of this country. Probably smallpox in Denver, Cleveland, and Dallas."

France and Germany talking dual citizenship
If evidence was still needed that the revitalized Franco-German motor is roaring along once again, it emerged when a proposal for dual citizenship between the two powers was unveiled.

E-tags in clothes raise spy concerns

The prospect of embedding tiny chips into personal items and merchandise has watchdog groups raising concerns over privacy and security

UK Serfs Give Warm applause for teen ID scheme
UK teenagers are to receive a new national ID card "to prevent them purchasing goods like cigarettes and alcohol illegally"


Switzerland's Right-to-Die Society Dignitas Draws Growing Number of Foreigners
Although Swiss authorities are increasingly unhappy at the headlines likening Zurich to a city of death, their powers are limited by a loophole in Swiss laws that allows trained counselors — they don't have to be medical doctors — to help with suicide.

UK Police question euthanasia widow over husband's death
A widow who accompanied her terminally ill husband to Switzerland where a charity helped him to commit suicide is to be investigated by police.

UK Call for legalisation of euthanasia
The assisted suicide of a UK resident in Switzerland has prompted calls from campaigners for a policy change on euthanasia

How euthanasia laws work worldwide
The Netherlands, Oregon, in the United States, Belgium, Colombia and Switzerland all allow some form of euthanasia to be practised


GSA bars Mexican ID cards
The General Services
Administration has suspended recognition of identification cards issued by the Mexican government to its nationals in this country, pending an investigation by the State Department, GSA and other federal agencies

Mexico's insidious designs?
The article "Mexico gives IDs to illegal aliens" (Page 1, Tuesday) should encourage Americans to question why Mexico is actively pushing for the acceptance of Mexican ID cards in many states besides pushing for amnesty and government benefits for illegal Mexican immigrants and for more guest-worker programs.


Hedonistic Cornucopia: The Destruction of America

Environmental Whackoism: Lifeblood of Megalomaniacs

James Hall: The Nature of American Denial

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US warns North Korea strike is possible
Pyongyang's breach of faith means all options are open to deal with 'blackmailing' state, says envoy

N Korea pressed for nuclear pledge
South Korea is continuing to pressure the North to give up its nuclear programme during talks between the two sides in Seoul.

The Masters of Terror
FBI, Defense in talks about controversial surveillance technology
The Defense Department has been in contact with the FBI, the Justice Department and components of the Homeland Security Department about a controversial research project that critics say could violate individual privacy and civil rights.

MN: Medical data collection raises specter of Big Brother for some
Opponents of a plan to collect health-care information on Minnesotans told lawmakers Wednesday it would threaten the patient-physician relationship and warned it could be used for other unknown purposes.

CO: Intrigue grows in police 'spy files'
Document indicates that cops expected help from Air Force

Military Filming Protesters
Remember this and relate it to the above article. If Alex had taken the photos NO WAY would he have blurred the faces of the out-of-control military using big brother tactics on Americans exercising their First Amendment Rights.

New Homeland Security Department to Open Friday
The United States on Friday launches a new federal department charged with protecting the nation, 16 months after suicide hijackers attacked America and sparked a war on terrorism and the biggest government revamp in 50 years

Patriot Act chills First Amendment freedoms
The US Department of Justice will not supply even the most general information concerning the use of its new surveillance powers. This attitude denies the American people basic information they need to provide meaningful guidance to the department.

Patriot Act targets library patrons
Local librarians are expressing concern over the recent passage of the Patriot Act, which gives law enforcement officials greater access to restricted information, including records of public library patrons.

SF Supervisors Oppose Patriot Act
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has passed a resolution opposing the Patriot Act on the grounds it violates civil rights

Alex Jones Calls on All Americans to Introduce the Liberty Resolution Act in Their Communities
Save tne Bill of Right Campaign -- To Oppose the USA Patriot Act

Faces and eyes rival passwords
Biometric technology which identifies people by the shape of the face, pattern of the iris or fingerprint is going to play a greater part in our lives. This is the message from the US military, which has a special team devoted to testing out the latest biometric systems.

More Checks on U.S. Travelers
Connecting the dots is usually child's play. But privacy advocates say that a government plan to apply sophisticated computer algorithms and "fuzzy logic" to unconnected databases to sniff out terrorists violates the privacy of American travelers.


Nasa to go nuclear
President Bush is set to endorse using nuclear power to explore Mars and open up the outer Solar System

Scientist bombards brains with super-magnets to edifying effect
Just by pointing his super-magnets at the right spots on your head, Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone can make you go momentarily mute or blind.

You can clone a cat, but it's not the same
You can clone your favorite cat. But the copy will not necessarily act or even look like the original.

Boy who believed he would be cloned hangs himself
A 15-year-old Romanian boy is believed to have killed himself out of curiosity - believing he would be cloned afterwards.


FAKE: Bush Poses in Front of Faked Boxes Printed "Made in America"
The real boxes in the warehouse were stamped “Made in China,” although someone tried to obscure the stamps by plastering over them with blank white labels.

President’s ratings slip
on economy, foreign policy,
handling of war on terrorism

Abortion, Cloning Are on Bush Agenda
White House senior adviser Karl Rove, outlining plans that would have sounded improbable just three months ago, said yesterday that bans on late-term abortions and human cloning are high on President Bush's agenda and should be achievable in the new Congress.

Four Marines Die in Texas Helicopter Crash
Four U.S. Marines died when two helicopters crashed in south Texas while assisting in an anti-narcotics mission, a marine spokesman said on Thursday.

Wrecking Property Rights
How cities use eminent domain to seize property for private developers

11 officers planted guns at crimes, prosecutors say
Eleven Miami police officers who saw themselves as "untouchable" and above the law planted guns at four police shootings and lied about it, a prosecutor charged Tuesday in opening statements at their corruption trial.

Woman Questioning Why Deputies Killed Her Cows
A cattle owner says Polk County sheriff's deputies senselessly slaughtered several of her cows, who were pregnant, after the animals escaped from their pasture and wandered onto a county road.

Police action angers the public
Buffalo police brass aren't promising an end to traffic safety checkpoints that delayed hundreds of motorists Tuesday


Anxiety drives increased Florida gun purchases
Gun ownership is still alive and strong in this country. Concealed weapons permits have routinely risen in Florida, while total applications for firearm transfers or permits increased 3 percent from 7.7 million in 2000 to 8 million in 2001

Canadian Students suspended for toy guns
Three Grade 11 students at a Manitoba high school are suspended for at least six weeks after running through school halls pretending to fire toy handguns at each other.


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