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  Mexican Troops Stray over Border

Mexico Goes to UN World Court to End Executions of Mexicans in the US

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Children pushed off swings by EU
Playgrounds are under threat from EU regulations which condemn most items of equipment that are more than five years old.

France and Germany dream of EU embassies around the world
The European Union would have its own diplomatic corps with embassies throughout the world under new plans to strengthen its international image.

Libyan takes chair of UN human rights commission
The UN Human Rights Commission elected the Libyan ambassador Najat al-Hajjaji its president yesterday, overriding a US objection that her country's "horrible" record disqualified it for the post.


As Heard on The Alex Jones Show:
Race charges dropped against London Telegraph Reporter Robin Page (who was questioned by police after saying country dwellers should enjoy the same rights as blacks, Muslims and homosexuals)

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Alex's interview with Robin Page (shown on the left) -- Click Here

Scotland: Walkers attack night curfew bill
"Imagine a country where you are not allowed to be on certain hills to witness sunrise, sunset, meteor showers and the shortest night of the year..."

Manchester Airport tests Pentagon-style checks
Hand-reading machines have been installed. These employ biometrics - using an individual's unique physical characteristics to confirm identity.

Haemophiliacs 'duped' into tests
Haemophilia Action UK, a group that has been campaigning, so far unsuccessfully, for an official inquiry into the contaminated blood disaster, says patients from round the country have only recently become aware of the fact that they had been "secretly" tested.

Dozens of Vials of Anthrax Wash up on UK Beach
"There are ampoules of anthrax in containers on the beach but they are not posing a risk to public health. We are working together with local police to make sure the vaccines are disposed of safely," a spokesman said


Mexico Seeks End to US Executions of Mexicans
Mexico called Tuesday for urgent stays of execution for 51 Mexicans on US death row as it opened a World Court case arguing the United States had violated their "life or death" rights to consular help.

Mexico gives IDs to illegal aliens
The Mexican government, despite concerns by U.S. law-enforcement authorities and immigration officials, is handing out thousands of identity cards to Mexican nationals in this country, including those here illegally.

Miami Herald: Police not screening for illegal foreigners
Officers unaware of program or don't know how to proceed

North Korean Propaganda Poster

US, North Korea Should Hold Direct Talks, urges China
China is refuting US comments that it would not oppose bringing the North Korean nuclear crisis to the UN Security Council for consideration.

Windows goes on a mission to Moscow
Russia has become the first country to get its hands on one of the world's most closely guarded corporate secrets--Microsoft's blueprint for its Windows operating system, the software giant said Monday.

The Masters of Terror
California installs wireless surveillance
The announcement last month that the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is putting wireless technology on several San Francisco bridges and tunnels for video surveillance may be just the beginning of a nationwide trend for such security measures.

FBI: We "Would Have" Monitored MLK
Doublethink: Read this admission then the ridiculous denial that MLK wouldn't have been wiretapped under today's police state "Homeland Security" lax surveillance rules

FEMA Issues Emergency Planning Book
The safety guide by the Federal Emergency Management Agency explains how to prepare for and deal with terrorist acts as well as other man-made disasters

CO: If elected mayor, Mares would curb police surveillance
Denver auditor and mayoral candidate Don Mares said Sunday he firmly opposes police gathering of intelligence on private citizens, adding that one of his first acts if elected mayor would be to regulate the practice

eWeek: IT Has a Vital Role to Play in the Assault on Privacy

How Americans can slow these government and commercial intrusions on privacy rights.

Dog's killing will not die
The story of the pet shot by a Tenn. policeman becomes national news

Shelter kills dog that had microchip
So What's All the Propaganda Promoting the Loving Chips For?

Love! Love! The "Peace of Mind"
The device, known as the Peace of Mind, wirelessly links a small heart monitor with a cell phone or other mobile device to function, and IBM says it could save lives.


Firm claims HIV cure
A pharmaceutical firm specializing in traditional Chinese medicine said today that it was ready to test and market pills that can cure the virus that causes AIDS.

Italy Clone Guru on Hunger Strike, Says Persecuted

Maverick Italian fertility doctor Severino Antinori said he was going on a hunger strike on Tuesday, accusing Italian authorities of persecuting him for his human cloning projects.

Internet Stokes Anti-War Movement
This weekend's anti-war protests were the first mass demonstrations in memory to occur before a conflict, a testimony to the organizing power of the Internet, observers say


UK Lecturer Fired Over Student's Plastic Gun
A lecturer who allowed a student to bring a plastic toy rifle into a college for use in a photography project has been sacked for breaching health and safety regulations.

Technology being tested to detect and report gunshots
A New Orleans-based company is developing technology that it said could provide law enforcement authorities with the precise details of gunshots -- including the type of gun used, number of shots fired and the exact location from which the shots were fired
A Petition for Enforcement
of the Second Amendment
to the Constitution of the United States

Ron Paul: Restoring the Second Amendment

Another Registration Bill Moving Through Congress
If it gets to Bush's desk it will get signed

Md. Police: Disabled Man Has 'No Good Reason' For Handgun
The State of Maryland has denied a physically disabled citizen a permit to carry a concealed handgun because he does not have a "good and substantial reason" to be armed.


100,000 children have participated in the Massachusetts Masonic
Child Identification Program.
Masonic Child Identification programs are held periodically throughout Massachusetts

Dollar Hits 3-Year Low Vs Euro
The dollar slipped to a new three-year low against the euro in thin holiday trade on Monday after the United States reiterated its hard-line stance that Iraq must rid itself of weapons of mass destruction

Student Sex Survey Rattles Officials
"How old were you when you first had sex? Did you drink alcohol beforehand? Have you ever had oral sex?"

House GOP Erodes Its Gift Ban
New Rules Let Lobbyists Offer More Meals, Tickets and Trips

SF Chronicle Writer Proposes Turning Students into Prisoners
That way, the $7,000 the state spends per student each year could immediately be raised to $27,000

Nevada governor seeks biggest tax hike in state's history
Gov. Kenny Guinn announced Monday he would seek nearly $1 billion in new taxes in the biggest increase in Nevada's history.

IRS Committed Fraud, Apeals Court Rules
A federal appeals court has ruled the Internal Revenue Service committed fraud and acted deceptively after giving secret deals to two pilots in return for their testimony against 1,300 other pilots who had bought into the same tax shelters

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Alex interviews Hutton Gibson - Mel Gibson's father. He's been fighting the New World Order for 50 years!

America:  Destroyed by Design
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