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January 20, 2003

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Dark Secrets:  Inside Bohemian Grove

America:  Destroyed by Design


  Mexican Troops Stray over Border

Black Ski Masks and Automatic Weapons:
Mexican troops stray over border

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Delivering the Post: Chip by Chip
Now imagine if you were personally identified and wearing this chip. Why deliver mail to your home or office? Why not just deliver the mail directly to you? The device identifies you correctly, the SMS/GPS knows where you are and since the postal service is in the business of postal codes, then the link from postal code to person is a small step

Australia: Drug search powers boosted


London Independent: Blair rules out euro referendum in 2003 even if targets are met - Tony Blair has ruled out calling a euro referendum this year even if the Government's five economic tests for joining are passed

EU Observer: Top military official predicts EU merge with NATO

Global war crimes court opens at UN
With more whimper than bang, the world’s first truly global war crimes court will open for business today at the UN headquarters in New York.


$5b nuclear deal lifts stakes in arms race
India has signed a $US3 billion ($A5 billion) deal with Russia to lease four long-range nuclear bombers and two nuclear-capable submarines, in a move that peace campaigners say will dramatically escalate the arms race on the subcontinent.

Illegal trade in human kidneys busted
Police in the northern Indian state of Punjab stepped up a probe today into the illegal trade in human organs and said those who bought kidneys for a song from the poor would not be spared.


Black Ski Masks and Automatic Weapons: Mexican troops :Mexican troops stray over border

Bush Seeks $3.5 Million for Group Building N. Korean Reactors
That's right! Bush is still providing the money for the development of the nukes that Kim Jong-Il has said he will 'destroy the world' with! Light water reactors produce uranium which can then be enriched for the purpose of building nuclear bombs

Moscow Times: Russian Military Spending Boosted By 33%

China's new party boss asserts authority with wave of arrests
The new leaders of the Communist Party in China are asserting their authority with a wave of arrests of dissidents, according to human rights activists.

Setback for Rights in China
Trials quash hopes that the new regime would ease repression


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The Masters of Terror

Big Brother is Watching
Due to a new federal law - armed forces recruiters are now authorized to obtain names and addresses of high school juniors and seniors.

Fear of Big Brother
As more people learn about the potential for using RFID to track purchases, privacy concerns are growing.

Gagging the Internet
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warns in a directive sent to military units that too much unclassified but worrisome material is popping up on the Web.

UT: Capitol rally slams Patriot Act as contrary to the Constitution

University of Texas cites national security for keeping surveillance information secret
On Oct. 11, The Daily Texan requested information concerning the location, recording hours and technical specifications of and the amount of money spent on surveillance cameras operating within the university

Highlights of CBS 60 Minutes Featuring Brain Fingerprinting

Doctors brace for changes on patient privacy
Three months before a sweeping new patient-privacy law takes effect nationwide, many doctors are anxious, angry, and confused, unsure how to comply with the complex rules and afraid they could unintentionally distract from medical care and research.


New science lets parents control children's genes
What if scientists really could simply insert whatever genes they wanted into an embryo's DNA?

NASA boosts nuclear propulsion plans
NASA has requested a "very significant" increase in funding for the development of nuclear propulsion systems for spacecraft


The Globe and Mail: Man lands in jail over pellet gun - Mr. Lacasse, 43, said in an interview that one officer told him as they searched his house, "I guarantee I'm going to make your life miserable. And if you say a word, I'll handcuff you to the railing for the rest of the day."

Technology being tested to detect and report gunshots
A New Orleans-based company is developing technology that it said could provide law enforcement authorities with the precise details of gunshots -- including the type of gun used, number of shots fired and the exact location from which the shots were fired
A Petition for Enforcement
of the Second Amendment
to the Constitution of the United States

Ron Paul: Restoring the Second Amendment

Another Registration Bill Moving Through Congress
If it gets to Bush's desk it will get signed

Md. Police: Disabled Man Has 'No Good Reason' For Handgun
The State of Maryland has denied a physically disabled citizen a permit to carry a concealed handgun because he does not have a "good and substantial reason" to be armed.


Bush approval rating in free fall
Anxiety about the economy and a threatened war in Iraq lie behind President Bush's 29 percent plunge in job approval in 16 months

WI: Is The Department Of Corrections Pushing Quotas?
State Denies Disciplining Agents Who Don't Meet 'Goals'

NJ: FBI searches bus for suspicious package

Civil Reserve Air Fleet to be activated for first time since Korean War
Pentagon Readies Plans to Recruit Civilian Aircraft

Gulf War veterans suing companies for chemical exports
Twelve years after the Persian Gulf War began, some American veterans of that conflict are finding new ammunition in their fight to find out who supplied Iraq chemicals that might have made them sick.

Patients in Peril: How Virginia's medical system lets dangerous doctors continue to practice
More than 250 doctors are licensed by the Virginia medical board despite records of serious mistakes or misconduct, a review of board actions since 1990 shows

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