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Alex Analyses the Secret Patriot Act II -- Total Police State Takeover
BBC Reporter Greg Palast
Palast Exposed the World Bank and IMF's Plans to Destroy The World's Economy So That They Could Consolidate the Pieces.

(Thanks to The Work of A Great Listener the Interview with Alex Where He Revealed This Information Was Transcribed, Translated into Many Different Languages and Made Front Page Headlines in Foreign Newspapers)

Palast Also Broke the Story About the Bush Family and W-199eye Documenting How the Bush Administration Protected Al-Qaeda and the Saudi Royal Family.

Palast Is Scheduled to Appear on Shows Across the Country from Donahue to Good Morning America in Conjunction with the American Launch of His Book. He Chose to Be on The Alex Jones Show First, Where He Will Reveal Shocking New Information on Bush's Quashing of the Bin Laden Investigation.

Don't Miss This Show!!

Visit Greg Palast's Website -- Click Here

Greg Palast -- In Praise of Alex Jones:
"This guy is a national treasure, a light breaking through the electronic Berlin wall of the US media establishment."


UN Rejects Dirty needles research
The United Nations has disputed the findings of United States researchers which says most HIV infections in Africa result from dirty medical needles.

UK: 'Euro entry could cost taxpayers £10bn'

The Chancellor, Gordon Brown, must hike taxes by £20bn ­ equivalent to 6p on income tax ­ to pay for entry into the euro and fill a black hole in his coffers, two separate reports warn today

U.S. Officials Say U.N. Future At Stake in Vote
Bush Message Is That a War Is Inevitable, Diplomats Say

Wipe that brilliant-white smile off your face, says EU
British dentists have been warned that they face criminal prosecution under EU law if they use tooth-whitening treatments to give their patients hollywood smiles


See Alex on National TV -- Secret Rulers of the World: The Satanic, Shadowy Elite

This show has already aired multiple times in the UK and the US. It's a whitewash.

For the Truth about Bohemian Grove -- CLICK HERE

Bible verses regarded
as hate literature

Court rules Scripture exposed homosexuals to ridicule

UK: Government oral sex drive for teenagers
Schoolchildrenunder 16 are being encouraged to experiment with oral sex as part of a Government drive to cut the rates of teenage pregnancy.

Colombian Rebels Call Captured Americans 'Prisoners of War'
Colombian rebels declared Monday that three captured Americans were "prisoners of war" and will be freed only as part of a broad prisoner exchange with Colombian government.


Check Out our Archives of Exclusive Commentary -- Click Here

Pilots: TSA Trying to Discourage Armed Pilot Volunteers
As the February 25th deadline approaches for aviation security officials to begin training pilots who volunteer for the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, those pilots said Friday that administration officials who oppose the program are still trying to interfere with the mandate from Congress to put guns in the cockpits

Bidding a farewell to arms in Japan
The red tape to getting a gun permit, needed to buy the gun, is formidable. You can't have a criminal record. You must obtain a certificate from a physician stating that you're of sound mind and body. You have to attend a series of mind-numbing safety lectures and pass a written test. It's expensive. Once you get your gun, you're obliged to keep it stored out of sight. And the police have the right to call on your home, at any time, to ascertain that you are complying with the regulations.

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Nuke Lab Can't Keep Snoops Out
There are no armed guards to knock out. No sensors to deactivate. No surveillance cameras to cripple. To sneak into Los Alamos National Laboratory, the world's most important nuclear research facility, all you do is step over a few strands of rusted, calf-high barbed wire.

Lab Grounds More Shabby Than Chic
You'd expect Los Alamos National Laboratory to look like something out of a James Bond flick: underground bunkers, impregnable fortresses, futuristic research centers investigating lord-knows-what. But instead, the lab looks a lot like a glorified trailer park.

Wellstone's pilot balked at flying on morning of crash
Those findings were among many facts released without comment Friday by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which won't rule on the cause of the crash for months.

Natural gas prices rise 40% Heating oil costs also soar, up 50% from year ago
Residential heating oil prices are up 50% from a year ago, when the average winter heating oil bill was $642, the Energy Department says. Bills might approach $1,000 this winter.

America's arts in crisis as hard-up states threaten to suspend all funding
Culture inthe United States is in acute crisis as state governments across the country ponder eliminating funding for the arts entirely to help to bridge some of the worst budget deficits in decades.

Standoff After Deadly Alabama Shooting
A "very unstable" man opened fire Tuesday during an argument at a temporary employment agency, killing four people and wounding a fifth.

US factory boss guilty of 'slavery'

Kil Soo Lee was found guilty of abusing workers from Vietnam and China and other crimes including money laundering and extortion. During his trial, he was accused of ordering beatings for disobedient employees, starving workers or threatening them with deportation if they complained.

Family of electrocuted thief gets $75,000
The family of a convicted burglar who was electrocuted in 1997 when he tried to break in to a bar in Aurora after-hours and triggered a homemade booby trap has been awarded a $75,000 jury verdict to be paid by the owners of the bar and the property

Officer Could Be Charged For Killing Alleged Burglar
Policeman Fired 15 Shots At Suspect, Officials Say

Painful Questions:  An Analysis of the Sept. 11th Attack
Supreme Court to Consider Police Search
The Supreme Court agreed Monday to consider how long police with a search warrant must wait before breaking down a door, using as a test case the arrest of a drug suspect who was in the shower when the SWAT team stormed in.

eBay to Law Enforcement - We're Here to Help
eBay has probably the most generous policy of any internet company when it comes to sharing information

Oakland Cops Complain As Accountability Results from Corrupt Cop Trail
"There is talk of filling out reports every time you pull your gun," said one veteran officer, speaking on the condition he not be identified. "I'm afraid for some of my colleagues because it's dangerous to second-guess yourself on the street.

Alex Jones Analyses the Secret Patriot Act II -- Click Here's Secret Patriot Act II Section -- Click Here Bumperstickers


Implant 'could cure migraines'
Patients with chronic migraines could one day have an electric device implanted into their foreheads to control the pain.

Connecticut is poised to become the nanotechnology capital of the world
So believe the invitation-only members of a new organization called the Connecticut Nanotechnology Initiative, which met for the first time over the weekend at Yale University.

Asteroids and Secrecy: If End is Nigh, Do You Want to Know?
Would you want to know? Or would you prefer the Feds keep the information secret and spare you and your neighbors a bunch of pointless worrying

A Bioweapon Worse Than Anthrax?
Maintaining the Fear

Police State 2000


Time has run out, U.S. tells Saddam
A resolution declaring that time has run out for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was pressed on the United Nations yesterday by a U.S. president who says he has all but abandoned hope of a diplomatic solution.

Saddam: I won't destroy missiles
Saddam Hussein last night defied the UN chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, when he refused to destroy his Samoud 2 missiles and called instead on US president George Bush to join him in a televised debate.

Sci-Fi War Uniforms?
MIT and the Army team up to design the perfect protection for soldiers

Britain's Blair Attacks French-German Iraq Plan
Britain's Tony Blair dismissed on Tuesday a Franco-German plan for peaceful disarmament of Iraq, saying it was "absurd" to think U.N. inspectors could find lethal weapons without Baghdad's full cooperation.

How the news will be censored in this war
A new CNN system of 'script approval' suggests the Pentagon will have nothing to worry about

Iraqi Drones May Target U.S. Cities
Iraq could be planning a chemical or biological attack on American cities through the use of remote-controlled "drone" planes equipped with GPS tracking maps, according to U.S. intelligence

U.S. plans for oil industry after Saddam

While so much about a second Persian Gulf war remains uncertain, the Bush administration is busily planning what Iraq's oil industry might look like after Saddam Hussein

National guard to protect American bases in UK
Armed troops from the American national guard - some from as far away as Puerto Rico - are being sent to protect US bases in Britain in the event of a war against Iraq.

Rather lands Saddam interview
CBS has scored one of the news coups of the year as "Evening News" anchor Dan Rather landed an exclusive three-hour interview with Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on Monday in Baghdad.

Non-Aligned Nations Oppose War on Iraq
summit of 116 developing countries suspicious of U.S. military dominance united Tuesday behind calls to give Baghdad more time to disarm after Iraq's vice president vowed cooperation with U.N. inspectors.

Blair warns war 'only three weeks away'
Blair will this week warn the country that a bloody conflict to oust Saddam Hussein appears inevitable and that hostilities could begin within three weeks.

Scots medics go unwillingly to war
A Scotish publicity stunt turned into a public relations disaster yesterday when reservists leaving for the Gulf condemned the war against Iraq.

Oregon terror case tests Patriot Act spy powers
Defense challenges secret warrants obtained to spy on alleged al-Qaida cell

I want my war coverage!
MTV plans to report from Iraq


North Korea Launches Missile Into Sea
North Korea launched a missile that crashed into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan on Monday, South Korea's Yonhap news agency

North Korea denies missile test in Pacific
Officials from both North and South Korea as well as Japan and the United States said there was no evidence of such a test.

Powell: Missile test 'no surprise'
North Korea's missile launch, upstaging Tuesday's inauguration of South Korea's new president, was "not surprising", U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has said.

Buildup of missiles worries US
China is adding 75 missiles a year to its arsenal pointed at Taiwan, which is expected to total 600 by 2005



ADL: Conspiracy Theories on Space Shuttle Columbia Blame Jews, Israel for Disaster - The ADL list and Alex Jones as engaging in anti-Semitism by merely commenting on how the Columbia tragedy rallied the nation behind Bush.

If Alex is a racist then so are Reuters, because they reported the same thing.

Last time the ADL attacked Alex for calling Osama bin Laden a "known CIA asset."


The Northwoods Government Terrorism Plan Included Blaming Foreign Enemies for Space Disasters.
It Also Called for Hijacking Jet Airliners, Bombing US Ships, Bombing DC and Sniper Attacks -- MORE...CLICK HERE FOR ALEX'S ANALYSIS, ARTICLES AND MORE!!!!

COLUMBIA CATASTROPHE ARCHIVE -- CLICK HERE -- Your Privacy and Freedom -Oriented ISP

911:  The Road to Tyranny

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