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London wakes up to congestion charge
Precursor to mandatory nationwide taxing via GPS black boxes already pre-installed in most new cars.


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Concentration Camps in America


China Trains 14 Astronauts for Fall Launch
China has been training 14 fighter pilots to be astronauts and this autumn will become the world's third nation to blast people into space

N.Korea Says Sure of Winning Nuclear War with U.S.
North Korea said on Monday that victory would be certain for the communist state in any nuclear war with the United States thanks to Pyongyang's "army-first" political system.

N.Korea Plans Four New Nuclear Power Plants

North Korea plans to build four nuclear power plants, each bigger than the Yongbyon plant at the center of a stand-off with the United States

Bush Seeks $3.5 Million for Group Building N. Korean Reactors

North Korea 'confident' of nuclear stand-off victory
“In the North Korea-US nuclear stand-off, which the world is watching with sweating hands, we were always ultra hard-line and that ultra hard-line response is the response of the mighty army-first policy,” the North’s state-run Central Radio said

Japan, US joint missile tests
Japan and the United States have reportedly decided to conduct joint tests on intercepting ballistic missiles in Hawaii as fears grew that North Korea may resume its own missile test-firing.

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Bills call for feds to pay $1.45B yearly for migrant health costs
The federal government would have to help border communities and hospitals pay for emergency health care for illegal immigrants under two bills introduced yesterday in Congress.

Border Patrol Agent Attacked in Ariz.
A group of suspected illegal immigrants trying to sneak across the Mexican border attacked a U.S. Border Patrol agent and knocked him unconscious

Mexican Authorities Detain Iraqi Citizens at Border
Mexican authorities have detained six Iraqi citizens who they believe intended to cross into the United States from Tijuana.


W.H.O. Plan on Tobacco: Limit Ads, Raise Taxes

Baltimore Sun: An introduction to Hipsters, the new world's Freemasons Bumperstickers
The Masters of Terror
Pounds of clay dust, powdered egg white, polyethylene glycol, ethanol and Bacillus Thuringiensis to Fall on Goldsby, OK

Notice the Bait and Switch, Where They Focus You on the Egg Whites and Not the Bacteria
Residents express concerns over bioterrorism simulation

Hysteria in California: Dozens of Homes Evacuated in a Five Mile Radius SWAT search

Cameras let police peer down high school halls
Attention, students of Nicolet High School: Big Brother could be watching you. Look for him sitting in a Ford Expedition parked within a half-mile of campus.

Are spy chips set to go commercial?
In the future, we could be tracked because we'll be wearing, eating and carrying objects that are carefully designed to do so.

Congressman Seeks GOP Action Over Remarks on Internment
Congressman likens colleague's support for WWII segregation of Japanese Americans to comments that forced Trent Lott to step down

Closer to a national ID plan?
A little-known company called EagleCheck is hoping to provide a standardized identity check technique that governments and corporations will use to verify that you are who you claim to be.

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Painful Questions:  An Analysis of the Sept. 11th Attack


Moloch and the Illuminati--
Just a Couple of Examples of How Your Children are Being Conditioned Through Mind-Numbing Video Games

Mortal Kombat II Has a New Character -- Moloch!

Majesco Announces Black9 --Featuring the Illuminati

At Least 21 Dead in Panic Incident in Chicago
Witnesses said pepper spray was used to break up a fight and fleeing patrons were directed to use only one exit to escape the fumes at the Epitome club on the city's Near South Side

Electronic Tracking System Monitors Foreign Students
Mandated after terrorists first bombed the World Trade Center a decade ago and financed after they destroyed it, a vast new electronic tracking system became the central element on Saturday in the government's effort to keep tabs on nearly a million foreign students and scholars in this country

Liberal Radio Is Planned by Rich Group of Democrats
A group of wealthy Democratic donors is planning to start a liberal radio network to counterbalance the conservative tenor of radio programs like "The Rush Limbaugh Show."


Transistors a thousand times thinner than the width of a human hair

Engineers have crossed a symbolic barrier with a new way to make microchips with transistors that are a thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair or as small as a flu virus.

Two prominent Los Angeles AIDS researchers are being investigated for taking part in a controversial medical experiment with Cincinnati physician Henry Heimlich to infect AIDS patients in China with malaria.

Now for the mobile phone call that can tell when food has gone off in the fridge
"Radio frequency identifiers are currently used to set off an alarm if someone walks out of a shop with a CD they have not paid for. These could be stuck on other things, they only cost about a penny, so that if you put a tin in the fridge, the fridge could then relay information about when it is out of date, or when the food is going off, as it would be able to tell how long the tin had been open for.

Norwalk virus vaccine grown in tomatoes
A vaccine for the Norwalk virus that is grown in tomatoes and delivered in pills containing freeze-dried tomato juice is now awaiting approval for clinical studies in humans


CO: Anti-war protest turns ugly
Tear-gassing people with children in their arms and families trying to get to their cars...

Around the
Washington "Shrugs It Off."

March of millions in 600 cities
More than ten million people were expected to take to the streets in 600 cities yesterday as part of global demonstrations against a war in Iraq. The marches were expected to be the largest ever for a single cause and greater than at the height of the Vietnam War in the '60s

New protests planned in bid to bring Britain to a standstill
Anti-war coalition leaders, emboldened by the massive turnout at peace rallies in London and around the world, are planning to try to shut Britain down should Tony Blair defy public opinion and go to war without a UN resolution.

'One million US troops could die'
As many as a million casualties can be expected if Iraq uses anthrax against invading troops, according to the results of a simulation using Pentagon computer codes today.

Turkey Signals Delay in U.S. Troop Deployments
Turkey signaled on Monday it was delaying a decision urgently awaited by Washington this week on allowing American troops to deploy on Turkish soil for a possible invasion of Iraq.

Chirac: War Could Create A Number of "bin Ladens"

FT: Israel expects war in March

Spy reports 'given pro-war spin'

Briefings by the intelligence services have been manipulated by ministers to make a firmer case for war against Iraq

New tape of bin Laden accuses US
A new audio tape said to be of Osama bin Laden accused America yesterday of plotting to carve up the Middle East after a war against Iraq to create a "Greater Israel".

Rupert Murdoch argued strongly for a war with Iraq in an interview this week. Which might explain why his 175 editors around the world are backing it too
Their master's voice

Editors agree to censorship
More than 20 leading scientific journals have agreed to self-censor articles they believe could compromise national security, regardless of their scientific merit.

EU struggles for unity over Iraq
The UK and Spain are urging the European Union not to rule out the use of force against Iraq at a hastily arranged meeting on Monday in Brussels.

CIA 'sabotaged inspections and hid weapons details'
Senior democrats have accused the CIA of sabotaging weapons inspections in Iraq by refusing to co-operate fully with the UN and withholding crucial information about Saddam Hussein's arsenal

Secret UN paper predicts 1.5m Iraqi refugees
Nearly 1.5 million refugees and asylum seekers are likely to try to flee from Iraq, and 30% of the country's children under five "would be at risk of death from malnutrition" in the case of war on Iraq, according to a secret United Nations planning document.

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Invasive Chicago gun plan hurt in House bill
A last-minute rider slipped in the giant fiscal 2003 spending bill approved by Congress on Thursday gives the federal government the ability to deny gun ownership records requested by the City of Chicago.

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Nazis Attempted to Make Robots of Their Soldiers

The Nazi leadership had a lot of hopes about the use of D-IX wonder drug

Drugging Soldiers to Turn Them Into Killing Machines Sound Familiar? -- Remember This?

SOMA: The Guilt-Free Soldier
"That's the monster pill, the anti-morality pill. That's the pill that can make men and women do anything and think they can get away with it..."

The Northwoods Government Terrorism Plan Included Blaming Foreign Enemies for Space Disasters.
It Also Called for Hijacking Jet Airliners, Bombing US Ships, Bombing DC and Sniper Attacks -- MORE...CLICK HERE FOR ALEX'S ANALYSIS, ARTICLES AND MORE!!!!

Dark Secrets:  Inside Bohemian Grove

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