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Troops deploy in London: Terror threat or war-mongering?

UK puts eye in sky over London
Britain has put a Royal Air Force surveillance aircraft in the skies above London as troops and police ring Heathrow Airport on the third day of a major security alert

State of terror and confusion
The Government considered closing Heathrow this week but instead deployed 1,500 troops and police in an effort to deter terrorists from using a rocket to bring down an airliner.

Blair defends anti-terror security
Prime Minister Tony Blair has defended the decision to order a major increase in visible security at public places without explaining the nature of the exact terror risk or perceived threat.

Moscow Times:
Tax Police Trying to Read Minds


US Orders Finland to Issue Biometric Passports
If it doesn't, Washington is threatening to require visas from Finnish citizens. The same ultimatum has been levied at all countries that now enjoy visa waivers to the States.


Anthrax jabs mutiny widens amid fears of cancer, sterility
The protests have been prompted by fears of serious health problems despite assurances from the Federal Government.

India Tests Rocket That Can Hit Pakistan
India conducted its fourth missile test this year Wednesday, firing a supersonic cruise missile capable of hitting major cities in Pakistan. Islamabad denounced the test as a sign of New Delhi's ``massive militarization.''


Salon: Europe's new world order
The streets are jammed with protesters. Governments are at risk of falling. Analysts say Europe is ready for a break from the U.S. that could reshape global relations for years to come.

Concentration Camps in America


Reuters: CIA Chief: N.Korea Could Hit U.S. with Nukes
PP: Where did they get the nukes from? Your government.

North Korea boasts it can strike U.S. targets worldwide
A North Korean official told a French news agency his country is capable of striking U.S. targets anywhere in the world and could retaliate if attacked.



Police State 2000

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The Masters of Terror
U.S. military expands radio-wave tracking
The U.S. Department of Defense is expanding its use of an emerging technology to track shipments of military supplies, in what some consider the largest project of its kind.

Patriot Act II
The sequel is scarier than the original

Alex Jones Analyses the Secret Patriot Act II -- Click Here's Secret Patriot Act II Section -- Click Here

NYPD wins motion to curb political surveillance

Restrictions on political surveillance in New York City could be lessened in the wake of a federal judge's decision Tuesday to accept a New York Police Department request for modified guidelines

Digital Angel Gets Federal OK for Implantable Microchip
Digital Angel Corp. received approval to market its temperature-sensing implantable microchip for use in pets, livestock, and other animals.

Denver: Hate-crimes measure dies in committee

Homeland Security Begins Taking Over Police Departments
New Orleans Mayor Nagin's administration announced today a City Hall reorganization plan that will bring city public safety agencies under the newly created Department of Homeland Security

State fingerprint bill advances
A Senate committee approved a bill Monday to require Oklahomans to submit to fingerprinting when they get driver's licenses

Report Suggests Use of Facial and Fingerprint Scanning on Foreigners
Government scientists are recommending a combination of facial recognition and fingerprint scanning technologies as the federal standard for identity documents to be issued to foreigners starting next year.

See Alex on National TV -- Secret Rulers of the World: The Satanic, Shadowy Elite

This show has already aired multiple times in the UK and the US. It's a whitewash.

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Painful Questions:  An Analysis of the Sept. 11th Attack


U.S. Had Data Hinting of Okla. Bombing
Two federal law enforcement agencies had information before the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing suggesting that white supremacists living nearby were considering an attack on government buildings, but the intelligence was never passed on to federal officials in the state


Would Einstein have survived the petri dish?

CA: Antibiotic-resistant superbug causes deadly skin boils
A bacterial infection that overpowers most antibiotics has escaped the confines of hospitals and is showing up in alarming numbers among the general public in California

Aussies consider Swiss death option
Two Australian cancer patients are considering flying to Switzerland to end their lives by legally-assisted suicide.

The Religious Worker Visa scam
Call it the Radical Muslim Cleric Importation Plan. Under the religious worker visa ("R visa") program, an unknown number of Middle Easterners claiming to be imams or other mosque employees have been admitted to the United States with minimal scrutiny.

Arizona Licenses for Illegals
The Governor of Arizona promised visiting Mexican lawmakers that she would sign legislation that would allow undocumented [read: illegal] immigrants in that state to obtain driver’s licenses

One in Four “Diversity Lottery” Winners Were From Countries Considered Security Risks

Iowa Paper Defends Mexican ID Cards
"Under the blanket of Homeland Security, immigration fear mongers are stirring up worry about Mexican Matricular Consular cards, a photo ID issued by the Mexican government to Mexican citizens living in the U.S." Bumperstickers


Maintaining the Hysteria
Missile Launchers Positioned in D.C.
An increased level of protection for the region means you'll see missile launchers around the District to guard against the possibility of an air attack.

Hysteria runs riot; networks fuel the fear

What Really Happened on Sept 11th and Who Stands to Gain -- Click Here

Washington, London on Terror Attack Alert
In the British capital, troops and police patrolled Heathrow airport on Thursday in the largest security operation in the history of London's Metropolitan Police

Soda spill on lobby floor of FBI causes commotion
A disoriented man caused a stir Tuesday when he entered FBI headquarters in Oklahoma City and spilled a soft drink on the floor of the lobby.

Suit questions Bush's war powers
A lawsuit filed in federal court in Boston Thursday seeks to prevent President Bush from going to war against Iraq without congressional approval.

Gen. Franks Will Rule Iraq Immediately Following Saddam's Ouster

NYT: Pass the Duct Tape

London Times: US prepares for life after a terrorist attack

Living Under Terror Alert
National Guardsmen stand watch under the vaulted ceiling of New York City's Grand Central Terminal. Police with bomb-detecting dogs scan the crowd

Has the Threat Come Home?
U.S. Checks Reports That Saddam Has Operatives in America

Prison Planet Observation: The CIA certainly has Iraqi operatives in America - brought in by Clinton and Daddy Bush.

IHT: The huffers and puffers get help from bin Laden

Osama bin Laden came to the rescue of George W. Bush on Tuesday.

White House Publicizes Tape Hours Before Release
Powell delivered the news that the audiotape would be played on the Arab TV station al-Jazeera even before the news outlet said it had such a tape. "Be patient, it's coming," Powell responded.

Italy frees Pakistani terror suspects
Another hoaxed terror alert: Remember that 'Al-Qaeda cell' busted in a blaze of publicity in italy? Turns out there was no actual evidence against them, they're not an 'Al-Qaeda cell' and they have now been released.

Canada: Gun control: Schools ban even the word

Canada: First Nations' firearms licences
A B.C. First Nation will start issuing its own firearms licences later this week, in a direct challenge to Ottawa's firearms' registry.

Cato Legal Scholars File Second Amendment Challenge to Washington, D.C. Gun Ban
Regulations are unconstitutional; residents have the right to defend themselves in their homes

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Christopher Mark: Don’t Tread On Me!

Al Lorentz: The Police State: Developing the High Orc

James Hall: NATO: A Dinosaur Overdue for Extinction

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The Northwoods Government Terrorism Plan Included Blaming Foreign Enemies for Space Disasters.
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