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Vaccination Rates Dropping
Stalin's Plot to Assasinate John Wayne  
  Homeland Security Couts Silicon Valley Blood on Their Hands  
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Police State News

On Chicago streets, cameras are watching


But critics see the trend as one more example of the way privacy rights are being sacrificed for the sake of security - a false security, some say - and one more step toward an Orwellian future where all activities are monitored by the government. They call it "surveillance creep."

Background Checks to Grade Travellers

Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Transportation Security Administration plans to begin testing new computerized background checks to determine which airline passengers are potential terrorists.

Enough of Poindexter


In light of the revelations about the latest Poindexter scheme, Congress obviously did not go far enough. It has to close his operation for good.

Homeland Security courts Silicon Valley


The government has about $1 billion to spend next year on the development of new homeland security technologies and is looking toward Silicon Valley for ideas on how to spend it.

Supermarket Giant Eagle to Trial RFID

RFID Journal

Pittsburgh-based supermarket chain Giant Eagle is preparing an RFID pilot as part of an overhaul of its warehouse management system. The new system, which could include RFID if the test goes well, will support the company's 214 stores across four states.

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Police State Sections for In-Depth Coverage

DARPA's Running Man Website

Homeland Security's Largest U.S. Urban Atmospheric Study
Recent Police State News Headlines
Poindexter to Resign From Pentagon Post
Congress zeros in on Poindexter over terror futures flap

How Ashcroft Coerces Guilty Pleas

Enemy Combatant Vanishes Into a 'Legal Black Hole'
Oak Ridge police say they infiltrate peace groups
Planned Sequel to Patriot Act Losing Audience
What the Secret Patriot Act II Is Really All About
RRID Tracking Chip Concerns Privacy Advocates
"Cancelled": Pentagon Abandons Terror Betting
Beware, Big Brother is watching
Pentagon Drafts Big Brother For City Service
DARPA's New Hovering Dragonfly Drone Poised for Takeoff
Tax backed to pay for cellphone tracking
Defense Dept. Program Taking Terror Bets
Justice Department decries 'terrorist tipoff' amendment
Careful: The FB-eye may be watching
Chips with everything
Activists firing on Patriot Act
Prototype Isolation and Treatment Facility to Be Built in Pittsburgh Area Beginning Mid-August
Flashback: Concentration Camps in Okanagon County?
Flashback: General Ashcroft's Detention Camps
Alex Jones Interviews Dave Schultz
Flashback: FEMA's Plan for Mass Destruction Attacks: Of Course It's True
State supreme court rules on schools' approach to potential criminal acts of students
Big Brother Doesn't Want You to Know This Information
UK Whistleblower Commits Arkanside

Blood on their hands

Toronto Star

On the day David Kelly apparently committed suicide in the Oxfordshire countryside, Prime Minister Tony Blair delivered a triumphant address in Washington to a joint session of Congress. It was the stuff of tragic irony.

Blair to give evidence at Kelly inquiry

Financial Times

Tony Blair, his head of communications Alastair Campbell and UK defence secretary Geoff Hoon will be called to give evidence on the government's treatment of David Kelly, the weapons expert who apparently committed suicide over the Iraq dossier row.

Four electro-cardiogram pads were found on Dr Kelly's chest

London Independent

Lord Hutton said: "It is clearly important that I and the public should have a very much more detailed and fuller picture of the facts than the outline I have just given. Therefore, the first task in this inquiry will be to flesh out that outline. This will be done at the next stage of the inquiry."

Blair to give evidence at Kelly inquiry

Financial Times

Tony Blair, his head of communications Alastair Campbell and UK defence secretary Geoff Hoon will be called to give evidence on the government's treatment of David Kelly, the weapons expert who apparently committed suicide over the Iraq dossier row.

UK Whistleblower Commits Arkanside

In Depth: The Mysterious Death of Dr. Kelly

For complete coverage of the scientists "suicide" visit's archive, featuring news articles and photos.

Mexico City Angered by Treasury Dept. Review of Rules Regarding Mexican ID Acceptance

Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Mexican government says it stands firmly behind its matricula consular, a small plastic card that has been increasingly accepted by banks and local and state authorities across the United States

The Theft of Your Vote Is Just a Chip Away


Are computerized voting machines a wide-open back door to massive voting fraud? The discussion has moved from the Internet to CNN, to UK newspapers, and the pages of The New York Times. People are cautiously beginning to connect the dots, and the picture that seems to be emerging is troubling.

Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone?

CBS News

one study shows 3 million jobs leaving this country in the next decade. "You can't blame companies," says former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich. "These companies are in intense competition these days (and) the easiest way to show profits is to cut labor costs."

Devil's Highway - U.S. 666 - gets roadside exorcism

San Francisco Chronicle

With the blessings of officials from three Western states, the stretch of highway that cuts across northwestern New Mexico got a new identity Wednesday: U.S. 666 became U.S. 491.

Anthrax Search Comes Up Empty

CBS News

high-stakes gamble in the FBI's anthrax investigation hasn't paid off. The Washington Post reports Friday that soil samples taken from a Maryland pond show no traces of the deadly bacteria.

Security Experts On Alert for Large-Scale Hacker Assault

IT Management

The security industry is on alert that an upswing in hacker activity could be signaling the coming of a broad-scale attack that could potentially affect millions of networks.

Fed-Led Sweep In S. Texas Yields 26 'Child Predators' -- "MOST" will be deported


Immigration agents began a sweep through Central and South Texas last week that has brought the capture of more than two dozen alleged "child predators," most of whom will be deported

As More and More Americans Say"No" to the Toxic Vaccines, The Mainstream Media Rushes to Propagandize for the Pharmaceutical Companies:

Houston's vaccination rate sinks lower

Houston Chronicle

Houston's backslide in its vaccine rates comes on the heels of a new law that allows unvaccinated children to attend Texas public schools and day care centers if their parents have a "conscientious objection" to state immunization requirements. The law goes into effect Sept. 1.

CO: State vaccinations lag

Denver Post

in the nation when it comes to getting children vaccinated against diseases such as polio, measles and hepatitis B, a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found.

The Vaccine Conflict

In Depth: The Vaccine Conflict


A four-month investigation by United Press International found a pattern of serious problems linked to vaccines recommended by the CDC

Bulge in yellowstone lake worries scientists

Cody Enterprise

If the bulge should explode, "we think it would create a large crater." But such an explosion, smaller versions of which created Indian Pond, Duck Lake and Mary Bay itself, would probably heat up the water temporarily, create high waves, spew poison gasses and other materials into the lake for a time, and leave a rimmed underwater crater

Book tells how John Wayne survived Soviet assassination

London Guardian

Joseph Stalin ordered the KGB to assassinate John Wayne because he considered his anti-communist rhetoric a threat to the Soviet Union, according to a new biography of the film star based on interviews with Wayne's close associates and the movie legend Orson Welles

Bohemian Grove Darling Schwarzenegger To Announce Governor Intentions


Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger will end weeks of suspense and announce Wednesday on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" whether he will run for governor in the Oct. 7 election to recall Gov. Gray Davis

Bohemian Grove 2003

Remember...He has their okay

From what we've hear, the Republican hierarchy -- especially those close to former Gov. Pete Wilson -- would favor Schwarzenegger. At least that's the word that came out of the Bohemian Grove this past weekend, where a number of state and national GOPers, including presidential adviser Karl Rove, happened to have gathered at a club getaway.

Recent US News Headlines
U.S. Changes Air Passenger Screening Plan
Thousands of Classified Documents Found Buried at 10 Locations in Washington

Media Lets Bush off the Hook...Again

US Army Patents Biological Weapons Delivery System, Violates Bioweapons Convention
Voting systems 'can't be trusted'
Foreign visits to US drop sharply
Video voyeur case against Marriott dismissed
US prepares to open door to flood of North Korean refugees
Fl. Suburb Under Malaria Alert
Satellites spy on competitors
Warning of more al-Qaeda jet attacks
Public Gay High School To Open In New York City
RACISM PURE AND SIMPLE: Parents: White Teacher Should Not Teach Black History
Did the government let bin Laden’s trail go cold?
Young Americans to Face Tax Hikes for SSA
Scary Political Doublethink in Action: Political Satire -- Bush Vs. Bush
New rage over 9/11 & Saudis
TX: State can't find 3,000 parolees
Voting machine fails inspection
Firestorm over foreign workers
FL: Police officer accused in vote-buying
Alaska's State's pension fund almost $2.5 billion in the hole
General Motors Contributes $2.5 Million to National Council of La Raza
Did the NSA Lose a Sept. 11 Hijacker?
Phoenix agent linked bin Laden to flight schools
FBI Aware of Al Qaeda Cells in 2000
What Really Happened and What They Knew
September 11 report raises Saudi question
2 FBI Whistle-Blowers Claim Agency Retaliation
Pilots soak up firearm training
Airline pilot gun training
California will vote on ousting governor
Missing kid problem remains in Fla.
Pentagon Leaders Warn of Dangers for U.S. in Liberia
Bloomberg to Pregnant Employee: "Kill It! Kill It!"
Global Police State Headlines

Return of the nosy babushka


These watchdogs of public morals and order could impose penalties from public humiliation to calling in the police - for such offenses as shirking participation in "voluntary" street-cleaning brigades or listening to foreign radio broadcasts

Revealed: Australia's $2 mil hidden road cameras

Herald Sun

The 14 fixed camera traps across Melbourne, each with a bank of three cameras, are catching an average of 65,000 motorists a month

New Zealand: Unmanned air patrols suggested

New Zealand Herald

New Zealand may need to consider new unmanned robot aircraft to patrol the Pacific as soaring costs bite into the ability of the Air Force's fleet of P3 Orions to protect national interests and gather crucial intelligence.

Recent Global Police State Headlines
Canadian Privacy chief to probe spycams
UK: Iris recognition - a new game of eye spy to speed the passenger's journey
The Australian Government Website That Tells Terrorists Where and How to Attack
Privacy Commissioner warns of merchandise tracking chips
Germany: Big Brother on the Highway
Russia's KGB Informer Tactics Back in Use to -SURPRISE- "Fight Terrorism"
Canada: Regulation introduced requiring all cars include anti-theft immobilization devices within two years
Japan yens for RFID chips
Teachers call for webcams in class
Blair orders Blunkett to put identity card scheme on hold
UK: Spy cameras in every class
Canada: Shut the gun registry
Australia: Police fingerprint Norfolk Island tourists
Canada: The issue isn't gun control but state control
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War on Terror/Iraq Aftermath Headlines

New Top General Tells Legislators U.S. Will Probably Need a Larger Army


The former Special Operations commander called from retirement to be Army chief of staff said today that the Army is likely to need more troops to meet its worldwide commitments.

Families fear troops will be forgotten


Casualties in Iraq continue to mount. Fifty-two U.S. soldiers have died in hostile actions since May 1, when President Bush declared an end to "major combat operations," according to the Defense Department.

Recent Iraq Aftermath Headlines
Now we pay the warlords to tyrannise the Afghan people
7 more cases of mystery illness in Iraq
US army admits Iraq suicides
Cut off for un-American activities: the mobile phone firm that connected Iraqis
Blair accused of genocide in Iraq
(We Thought He was Dead...How infuriating! Let's have five minutes of hate! Goldstein on the Run...)
Saddam praises dead sons as US 'closes in' on former Iraqi dictator
London Guardian: America is a religion
US troops charged with POW abuse
Official Story on Deaths of Saddam's Sons "Wags the Dog"
Feeling Letdown, U.S. Forces Suffer Low Morale In Iraq
Wolfowitz: U.S. intelligence murky
Tests 'show Saddam's sons died'
Three US soldiers killed in Iraq

N Korean nukes could number 250 by 2010

ABC News

A United States think tank predicts North Korea could produce 100 to 250 nuclear weapons by the end of the decade.

US 'more ferocious' than Saddam, Iran leader says

ABC News

"The United States, despite its pretence of saving the Iraqi people, is a more ferocious wolf than Saddam's regime," state television quoted Khamenei as saying.

U.S. Official Says N.Korea a 'Hellish Nightmare'


Top U.S. arms negotiator John Bolton described North Korean leader Kim Jong-il on Thursday as a tyrannical dictator who lived like royalty while jailing thousands and keeping many hungry in a "hellish nightmare."

Recent WWIII Headlines
Chinese missiles concern US
China Adds to Missiles Aimed at Taiwan, Pentagon Says
Kim Jong-Il "dead wrong" on nuclear blackmail -- Bolton
US turns its sights back on Syria
North Korea warns US not to start a new war over nuclear stand-off
We will start testing nuclear bombs, says defiant N Korea
Syria slams 'foolish' US over Middle East
N Korea charges US leaders
N.Korea Sees Sept. 9 as Deadline for U.S. Action
N Korea angry at armistice plans

RACISM: New Law Bans Palestinians Who Marry Israeli Arabs From Living in Israel

Fox News

Israel's parliament has passed a measure that would force Palestinians who marry Israelis to live separate lives or move out of Israel.

Flashback: Israeli Army Targets Palestinian Children

London Guardian

Among the most shocking aspects of the past three years of intifada that has no shortage of horrors - not least the teenage suicide bombers revelling in mass murder - has been the killing of children by the Israeli army.

Australian Defense Minister: US' Shoddy Intelligence Is an Asset!
The intelligence capability of the United States is a massive asset for Australia," he said. "We put into that capability but we get out of it a great deal more. It's very much weighted in our favour and it's something that's very important to our national security."

Recent World News Headlines
Death zone puts family life in limbo
Australian Govt. Website Tells Terrorists How to Attack
Bush, the rainforest and a gas pipeline to enrich his friends
21 held in child trafficking raids
New child sex case hits Australian church
World War II message washes up
Burglar's Cousins Threaten Tony Martin, Put a Price on His Head
Iraqi Embassy Robbed of $3 Million in Cash
Sexy pop stars 'threaten childhood'
Warlords backed by the United States are creating a climate of fear in Afghanistan
Bomb suspect still in 'Londonistan'
UK lottery to fund drug trial that will give addicts free heroin
Shocking Series of Child Deaths: 'I can't imagine anyone who considers himself a human being can do this'
Even the Khmer Rouge loves democracy
Crossed gun badges raise money for Tony Martin
All According to Plan: Bumper year for Afghan poppies
Learn More About How America Is Being Destroyed by Design
Science and Health Headlines

Culture of Death: Death by Dehydration Seems Peaceful, Nurses Say


Terminally ill people who opt to kill themselves by forgoing food and drink appear to die at least as peacefully as those who end their lives with doctors' help

Recent Science and Health Headlines
Inside the Movement for Posthuman Rights: Cyborg Liberation Front
Freak Science "Artist" will graft third ear to arm
Suddenly, things are turning up nanotech
Nanotech moves the future to a new level
Support Builds for Amendment to Ban Patents on Humans
Modified crops could erase wild counterparts, study says
Mothers appeal MMR ruling
Recently in Focus on
Homeland Security's Largest Ever Month-Long Atmospheric Study
Total Information Awareness Network Annouces Pentagon Plan for Running Man Futures Market
Oklahoma City Bioterrorism Tests Ongoing
The FB-eye is Watching
Bohemian Grove 2003
The Vaccine Conflict
Many Germans See US Behind Sept. 11th Attacks
Euro Notes to Be Radio Tagged?
Is Your Television Watching You?
UK Whistleblower Commits Arkanside
NRO Propaganda
Ron Paul's Address: Neo-Conned
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