Cassandra Anderson
January 7, 2010

On January 6, 2010, Obama proudly unveiled his “Innovative Agenda”. Financed by Public- Private Partnerships, the goal is to train over 100,000 elementary school math and science teachers. The Intel Foundation has committed to spending $200 million dollars to this venture, with 4 other companies providing another $50 million dollars.(1)

Intel is preoccupied with the global warming hoax and  intends to institute Agenda 21 Sustainable Development by indoctrinating children through education.

The mainstream media’s spin on this story was that this is a gift to increase American children’s test scores. And most people believe this is a wonderful investment in the future and don’t understand the real intention behind the “gift”, with strings attached.

Do you think that depopulation of the planet is wonderful?

Do you think that the destruction of individual rights and the Constitution is wonderful?

Do you think that clearing humans from 50% of America’s landscape is wonderful?

Anytime you here the phrase “Public- Private Partnership”, you can be sure that a corporation or foundation is benefiting, as PPP’s are the tool of fascism. The “Private” component of the PPP is the money partner and is always interested in profit and power. When they couple with the government (the Public component of the PPP), the benefit is enforcement of policies, tax breaks, fees, etc. Please find out more by watching Joan Veon’s videos featured on InfoWars December 3rd.(

After doing a little research on Intel’s website and its affiliation with the EPA and the United Nations, the implications are clear: Intel is preoccupied with the global warming hoax and intends to institute Agenda 21 Sustainable Development by indoctrinating children through education.

Lori Wigle, Intel’s Eco- Technology General Manager and “Green Queen” went to the Copenhagen convention and wrote in her blog that technology could provide a structure for people to telecommute from home so that “ultimately we may need fewer roads”.(2) Remember that the collectivists’ agenda is to concentrate people in cities and remove them from the land. If there are no roads, the land becomes ‘off-limits’.

[efoods]Further, Intel’s Corporate Responsibility Director, Michael Jacobson, glorifies the alliance between Intel and the United Nations in his blog regarding the United Nations Global Compact.(4)

The United Nations Global Compact is based on the Rio Declaration of Environment and Development from 1992, and IS Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. Soft language is used, but the underlying message is that an international governing body should regulate all things concerning human interaction with the environment.(5) The man made global warming hoax is one of the biggest weapons of propaganda and legal action that the collectivists use.

Lastly, education is a tool that the globalists use to promote their programs, and is clearly documented in their own materials. For example, California’s Assembly Bill 32 (Cap & Trade), the final report states, “ARB will also rely on partners throughout the state to develop and display options for curricula that will enhance the K-12, community college, trade technical training programs, and programs at four-year colleges.” (page 102)(6)

The Good News:

Being forewarned is being forearmed. You can teach your children about “Climategate” and get other parents involved. You can educate the educators and become more involved in what your child learns.


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