For Immediate Release: March 16, 2000

Contact: Violet Nichols, Producer, "The Alex Jones Show" 512-443-5856



Recent negative media reports concerning the volunteer effort to rebuild the church on Mount Carmel are disgusting, untrue and complete diversions. Various reports have implied that we were not going to have memorial services on April 19, 2000 and that the effort is not going well. I find it interesting that none of these news organizations have attempted to talk to me, when I have been in constant contact with the media and have issued multiple releases indicating that I initiated and am leading the effort over my nationally syndicated radio broadcasts (Genesis Communication Radio Network). In one case, FOX News interviewed a tourist at Mount Carmel to "tap their vast well of information and knowledge on the effort."

The truth is, the establishment can’t stand it that Americans came together to send a strong message to the powerful central government that first demonizing then murdering groups of Americans will not be tolerated. The truth is standing before them in the form of the new church. With regards to the church: $85,000+ in mainly small contributions has been donated, the memorial church is standing 40X64, all the lumber inside the church has been treated with a fireproof material, thousands of additional dollars have been donated to re-gravel the entire road leading to the church that the tanks destroyed during the siege in 1993, not to mention, thousands of volunteers from all four corners of the nation on any given Sunday have gathered at Mount Carmel to swing a hammer and thus register their disgust with the police state’s attempted cover-up of the truth of what happened at Waco in 1993.

Small trees and shrubs as well as flowers have been planted around the church. Volunteers have pushed back the rubble and planed the scarred landscape with heavy equipment, a beautiful flag and flagpole have been donated by the volunteers to replace the ones stolen by the FBI.

The truth be known, large segments of the mass media are nothing more than modern bureaus of propaganda, aiding the corrupt elite and its bureaucracies in the domestication of the American people. They want you to think that the Davidian were "kooks" who deserved to die, thus validating the huge secret police agencies that are growing at nightmarish rates.


I could write for hours about the corruption swarming around the wrongful death suit filed by surviving Branch Davidians and their families – how Judge Walter Smith continues to obstruct justice in the Civil case, as he did in the Criminal case. In the Criminal case, he found the Davidians guilty on "using a weapon in the commission of a crime" despite the fact that the Davidians were found not guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and not guilty of murder. Apparently juries mean nothing to this medieval judge, because in the wrongful death suit filed by the Davidians he’s not even letting them have a jury. I wonder why the mainstream media has never pointed this out.

Let us continue to former Senator John Danforth, supposed Independent Council investigating the Waco massacre. How can he be independent when he was appointed by Reno to investigate Reno and is an employee of the Justice Department. I think it is important for the mainstream media to realize how they are being led along like a bunch of ignorant children. It was Danforth who pressed Judge Walter Smith to have this phony gunfire test at Fort Hood this Sunday closed to the public and media.

The more tyrannical factions of the Federal Government are desperately trying to contain a firestorm of highly credible State and Federal employees coming forward with the truth, such as:

  1. Jean Cullen, former Head of CIA Global Security Operations, who worked closely with Delta Force. Cullen is now in a Congressional safe house under Senator Grassly’s protection for going public with the fact that Delta Force bragged to him about killing Davidians. Senator Grassly’s office has confirmed that Agents from the FBI threatened Mr. Cullen’s life and the life of his young son to his face.
  2. Sgt. David Keys,17 Year Veteran of the Texas Department of Public Safety, who told lawyers that what appeared to be a body and a missing door were spirited away from the Waco scene just before troopers took over the Mt. Carmel site from the FBI. Keys also testified that he overheard FBI agents talking about a fire fight taking place in the rear of the "compound," where the government has insisted that no gunfire took place, despite infrared evidence to the contrary.
  3. Dr. Edward Allard, the world authority on infrared imaging systems, holder of three patents on flare technology, whose designs are in use in all US military aircraft and equipment that use flare, has analyzed flare footage taken by British Special Air Services working for the FBI in 1993 and has concluded absolutely that the video clearly shows military death squads either Delta Force, Hostage Rescue Teams, or both firing with wanton abandon, hundreds of times into the Branch Davidian Church. Dr. Allard said, "this type of behavior, men running up and down the building, firing automatic weapons into a church is disgusting."
  4. Dr. Frederick Whitehearst, former Head of the FBI Crime Lab at the time of the Waco siege of 1993 has complained numerous times about the FBI’s favorite pastime – to manufacture or suppress evidence.
  5. The Texas Rangers, in their report they brought forward incriminating evidence showing that the Federal Government placed a high explosive shape-charge on top of the Branch Davidian Church records vault, where 40 women and children were seeking refuge from CS gas, a chemical weapon banned by the Geneva Convention, that was being injected by the hundreds of gallons into the building.

The list of people and individuals from government at all levels that have had the courage and integrity to expose just some of the maniacal activities that were engaged in by the government at Waco goes on and on. Isn’t there some reporter or journalist out there who wants to get the big story and bring it to the American people? Or is the mainstream media now just a big social club, and, if you’re cool – like in high school – you get the big assignments only to tell a twisted version of the story?

More and more Americans, as reflected by the Nielson ratings are tuning out of broadcast as well as mainstream cable television shows and instead are looking for alternative forms of information, such as the Internet, talk radio, self-published books and documentary films.

To the dominant media: When are you going to stop deluding yourselves that you are reporting the real issues that affect Americans and the world today, when you have turned into nothing more than apologists for this incredible corrupt and decadent establishment?

I know that there are some good reporters out there that try and publish or broadcast the hard-core evidence that lies all around us, and that you are met by sniveling editors and producers who are only concerned with protecting their jobs. If you are in the media and want to talk to me, I am available for interview through the contact number above. I also suggest you try and contact those I have mentioned above. To see photos of the church that volunteers built, go to my web site and click on the Rebuild Waco button.

What happened at Waco was wrong. We all know it. What has grown out of Waco is even more frightening – the doubling in size of the FBI, a massive expansion of the BATF, the military and local police being merged under Federal control – are we in Russia?

Alex Jones continues to spearhead the church rebuilding effort on Mount Carmel. An expert on civil liberties issues, constitutional rights, and the transformation of our country into a police state, Alex Jones at 26 has gained national attention for his work. Alex Jones is syndicated nationally to over 40 commercial stations across the country by the Genesis Communication Network. To schedule and interview or get comment from Alex Jones, please call Violet Nichols at 512-443-5856 or email her at [email protected] For more information on Alex Jones, breaking news and more, visit his web site For more information on the Genesis Communication Network go to