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Concentration Camps in America

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Welcome to our archive page of recent articles related to the Police State. Please note, these articles are not archived locally, so some of the links will break as they are removed from their original servers. If you come across a broken link, we suggest you do a general search or a search using a news search engine like to find the article you are looking for. Try copying the headline into the search engine.

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Ban swords! Woman Slashed To Death In Sword Attack

Local 6

A man slashed his wife to death with a sword Sunday in their Bronx apartment and charged police screaming "I'm God! Kill me!" when they came to investigate, officials said.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Second Amendment Case

-- The U.S. Supreme Court has denied Petition for Writ of Certiorari in the Silveira v. Lockyer Second Amendment lawsuit. As of this publication, the Silveira docket website was not yet updated, but Cornell's Supreme Court orders page for December 1 lists the case as denied.

Ordinance: Kansas town residents must arm themselves


Residents of this south-central Kansas community have passed an ordinance requiring most households to have guns and ammunition.

Senator pushes bill for reporting gun buys


The Justice Department says the Brady gun control law prevents it from sharing information about successful transactions by suspects on its watch list -- or anyone else. The department says the law allows it to report attempted purchases only.

Do-Nothing Congress Continues Dragging Its Feet
-- While pro-gun bills languish, gun ban still being considered


On the one hand, it looks like some folks in the nation's capital are finally starting to realize that banning guns is political suicide. On the other hand, those who have benefited most from "gun politics" are about to shoot themselves in the foot.

Homeowner Kills Intruder


An intruder got more than he bargained for when he broke into a home Tuesday night in North St. Louis County. Police say the man was shot and killed by the owner of the home.

Records on gun owners assailed

Miami Herald

Invoking Adolf Hitler's and Fidel Castro's atrocities, a handful of conservative lawmakers have filed a bill to prohibit police from compiling gun-owner and gun-sale lists, saying it infringes on citizens' rights to privacy and to own firearms.

Recent Second Amendment Headlines
Senate Votes to Arm Cargo Pilots
Annapolis Council To Vote On Toy Gun Ban
Groups Raising Money for Elderly Mugging Victim Charged With Gun Possession
Palm Beach County principal reassigned after allegedly pointing toy gun at student
Michael Moore sued over anti-gun movie
Gun-grabber organization JTO makes argument for the 2nd Amendment by showing that where guns are banned criminals will always be able to get guns (that's why we need the 2nd Amendment -- to defend ourselves, among other things)
Gun-rights group rallies against popular history-education bill
Police knew of Columbine threats
9-year-old arrested for waving toy gun
More Anti-Gun Propaganda: Columbine killers video released
No UN Gun Control for the US
Where Guns Are Banned: We are overrun by gun crime, says police chief
Police fear they are losing control of gun-crazy Britain
Ban Knives: More people were killed with knives than guns in 2002, says Statistics Canada
Guns are Banned in the UK, Except in This Nationally Televised Sensationalist, Sicko, Dehumanist Russian Roulette Display, Which Should Serve Its Purpose of Increasing Unhealthy Interest , Intensifying Bad Perceptions of Firearms and Creating Copycats

Columbine files to be destroyed

More JTO Propaganda: Linking Terrorism to Gun Ownership
Australia: Gun owners begin laying down weapons

McCarthy & Schumer Duping Pro-gunners Into Supporting Gun Control
-- Bill to bar millions more from gun ownership

Canada: Ottawa report blasts gun registry
Senators unite behind gun bill

IN: New Gun Laws Begin October First

Gun grab Davis signs gun "safety" bill

Herald-Tribune restricts sales of guns in classifieds

Global model for gun rights going soft?
Lopez, Affleck seek gun permit

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