Contest Rules


Contest Rules

Recently, Charlie Sheen enlisted the help of Alex Jones to compose a preposed interview with President Barack Obama presenting the many facts that conflict with the 9/11 commission's official report.  The after shocks of this powerful statement are still being felt.  However, many in mainstream media refuse to give Mr. Sheen or his important message the credit it is due; resorting to mudslinging instead of engaging in a proper debate.  In an effort get this information to go viral and to force the mainstream to stop attacking the messenger and address the message, Charlie Sheen in conjunction with has created a contest with amazing cash prizes to be awarded to the top three video entries.

Contest: Make a short video of an interview involving two characters using ”20 Minutes with the President” as the script.   

You can find a transcript of the interview in various formats linked below:

doc   Printable script

doc   Word document script

doc   PDF script

Rules:  Although we want contestants to have complete creative freedom in the interpretation of this contest, there are some very simple rules which must be followed to ensure a valid entry.

  • Contest ends: Sunday November 15th, 2009 8PM Central Standard Time.  Which means you have to have your completed video uploaded to the web and have the link to that video submitted to us no later that 7:59:59 PM Sunday November 15th, 2009.  Late and/or incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  • The video must include in part or full “20 Minutes with the President” as written by Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones.
  • “INFOWARS.COM” must be included in the titles/credits of each submission.


The winner who has delivered, on time, the best interpretation and execution of this contest will be picked by Charlie Sheen.  2nd and 3rd Place will be determined by Alex Jones.

Prizes: 1st Prize  = $14,000

2nd Prize = $1000 

3rd Prize  = $500  

In addition to the cash prizes, the winner will have the opportunity to appear with Mr. Sheen on The Alex Jones Show for a 10-minute contest segment.  



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